Who Is To Blame For Cholera Surge?
30 November 2023
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Cabinet wishes to state that where the Local Authorities are failing to provide infrastructure, Government will continue to strengthen intervens.

In the meantime, specific interventions are being put in place to augment the following services:
a) that immediate safe water trucking in affected urban areas;
b) that the continuation of drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes;
c) that the monitoring water quality in all areas;

d) that the provision of household water treatment technologies;
e) that the repairing of burst sewer pipes;
f) that the regular refuse collection and removal of garbage;
g) that restrictions of gatherings in all cholera affected areas;
h) that supervision of all burials in all cholera affected areas;
i) that there was need to have functional public toilets in all public places by involvement of private sector in the installation of temporary toilets; and
j) that installation hand washing and sanitation devices in all public places be expedited.

Source : Information Ministry