CIO Injecting Chamisa Aides With Cancer
4 December 2023
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By-There are fears that members of the Central Intelligence Organisation assigned by Zanu PF to abduct opposition activists are injecting them with cancer.

CIO is on a spree abducting, torturing, and injecting opposition activists with unknown substances.

 These injections have raised fears that they may contain a slow-acting poison, leading to the gradual deterioration of the victims’ health.

The opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change, led by Nelson Chamisa, has publicly accused state security agents and the ruling party, ZANU PF, of being responsible for these acts. They believe that these actions are part of a broader campaign of violence and attacks targeting opposition activists.

Victims have come forward to share their experiences, describing the physical and emotional pain they endured during their abductions and torture. Medical professionals suspect that the unknown substances injected into them may pose a long-term health risk. CCC spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, told The Daily Beast:

We are not aware what the substance is but experts in one of the cases indicated that it could lead to a deadly cancer within five years if not drained out [of the body] in time.

Womberaishe Nhende, a Harare city councillor and member of the CCC, says he was abducted, beaten, and injected with an unknown substance. He believes his involvement with the CCC and organising protests against the alleged theft of the August 2023 election made him a target. He said:

But l have never shifted on my resolve to fight for a better Zimbabwe for all, though disturbed by the methods of engagement being used by ZANU PF. I know for a fact it’s ZANU PF-sponsored state agents, for they were blunt in their conduct. 

The doctors have recommended further treatment outside Zimbabwe. Nothing conclusive has been reached hence the need to have further tests in highly specialized laboratories.

The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has sent some victims for testing in South Africa, but the results are pending. International organizations like Amnesty International have condemned the worsening human rights situation in Zimbabwe and called for thorough investigations into these crimes.

The abductions and assaults on opposition activists have also raised concerns among the US and European embassies. The government has in the past dismissed claims of abductions as fabricated. 

List of Some People Allegedly Abducted over the Years:

1) Itai Dzamara – Allegedly abducted in 2015, his whereabouts remain unknown.

2) Womberaishe Nhende

3) Jestina Mukoko 

4) Joana Mamombe

5) Cecilia Chimbiri

6) Netsai Marova

7) Tapfumaneyi Masaya – Later found dead

8) Takudzwa Ngaziore

9) James Chidhakwa

10) Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya

11) Tatenda Mombeyarara

12) Dr. Peter Magombeyi

13) Tawanda Muchehiwa

14) Felix Biri

15) Robert Muwawa

16) Moreblessing Ali – Found dead

Some of the alleged abductions have not been reported to the police due to fears that the state might use the case against those who would have reported. This concern is based on incidents involving Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, and Netsai Marova, who reported their abductions but were later charged with faking their abduction to defame the government.