Tshabangu Responds To His Sakupwanya Meeting LIVE Video Leak Confirming Explosive Pictures Are Legit
6 December 2023
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By A Correspondent | The self imposing opposition character, Sengezo Tshabangu has confirmed several pictures revealed by ZimEye during a LIVE video conversation with him while he arranged (watch) to meet a notorious Scott Sakupwanya aide at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Harare on Monday.

Tshabangu was at the time planning to conclude a notorious ZANU PF operation filmed by ZimEye since 21 November to sabotage Nelson Chamisa’s CCC party by doing several things which include writing to the international body, the Inter Parliamentary Union. Tshabangu was assisted to write the letter by a man he fully understood to be an aide of the ZANU PF contestant for the upcoming Mabvuku bi election, the GoldMafia implicated, Scott Sakupwanya. Unbeknown to him, the notorious man is an undercover journalist, Simba Chikanza who is also Al Jazeera’s researcher on the GoldMafia documentary, part 1 to 4 which is on the Qatar based broadcaster’s YouTube channel.

The meeting (video) coincided with a physical meeting up with Tshabangu by Scott Sakupwanya himself and Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nephew, Tongai a few hours later the following day. Sakupwanya is Mnangagwa’s gold runner.

Responding to the investigation, Tshabangu through his lawyer in a statement published by the exiled former minister Prof Jonathan Moyo, complained against Chikanza’s investigation saying among other things that “Chikanza has relentlessly pursued our client under a barrage of assumed personas. In these calls and messages he has pretended to be a supporter of CCC, a Professor, and a prospective donor.”

At no time in the phonecall meetings which began on 21st November 2023, did Chikanza at any time pose as a CCC supporter, he was from day one a gangsterish aide of Scott Sakupwanya’s who opened his conversations last month with an offer to make a bank transfer payment to him (Tshabangu).

On Wednesday last week, the Sakupwanya aide connected Tshabangu with the ZANU PF appointed ambassador to South Africa and several other important people.

At the weekend, the Sakupwanya aide executed vigorous legal work for Tshabangu right up to the time he assisted him in authoring a lengthy legal correspondence with the Inter Parliamentary Union, IPU.

The correspondence accuses Nelson Chamisa and his party of violence against Tshabangu who insists saying he is not a Mnangagwa planted imposter, has no association with ZANU PF, and yet the Scott Sakupwanya aide assembled letter alone contradicts his claim.

His lawyer’s press statement avoids mentioning the notorious letter assembled for the IPU, which was constructed by Chikanza posing as a Mabvuku based Cde Mabhunu, on camera.

His statement concludes saying he is being trolled and harrassed by Chikanza. It reads in part:

We condemn the harassment and trolling of our client as well as the false and defamatory statements by the said Chikanza. All this is being sadly perpetrated under the guise of journalism.

Our client denies any association with Scott Sakupwanya or any of his associates. He will however continue to receive communications and interact freely with any concerned citizens who want to interview him, advise him, express their concerns or even to express their disagreement with him. He will have to navigate and sieve out the fraudsters but will not stop interacting with Zimbabweans.

We attach the said accompanying photographs, taken by the snooping thugs, showing our team in their engagements.

The Speaker Of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda who recalled several of Nelson Chamisa’s MPs and councillors using Tshabangu’s letter that claims he is a legitimate Secretary General of the CCC, was still to respond at the time of publishing.