Major Environmental Attack on Mupfure River, Mashonaland Central
4 January 2024
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**Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe** – By Farai D Hove | A critical environmental crisis has emerged along the Mupfure River in Mashonaland Central, triggering serious concerns over ecological destruction and its repercussions on the local populace and wildlife.

Deep pits gored

Former Environment Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, has sounded the alarm regarding the alarming environmental degradation near Mt Darwin, located merely 2 kilometers upstream from the main water supply of the town. “The situation is dire. Minister M Ndhlovu and the Ministry of Environment must intervene urgently, as the communities along the Mupfure River, along with their livestock, are facing severe exposure,” Kasukuwere emphasized.

Disturbing images have surfaced, showing vast galleys and pits, clearly formed by extensive mining operations. These mining activities are reportedly conducted by machinery owned by Tongai Mnangagwa, a nephew of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, which raises questions about the role of political connections in this environmental disaster.

Joana Mamombe, the Portfolio Chairperson, has pledged to take decisive action on this matter. “We are witnessing an environmental disaster. The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) needs to act immediately to avert a full-blown catastrophe. The lives of both humans and animals relying on the river are in grave danger,” declared Mamombe.

The success of these initiatives, however, remains in question, particularly given that Tongai Mnangagwa is the prime suspect in this illegal mining operation. He is accused of encroaching upon the Mukaradzi mining area and significantly contributing to the environmental degradation with his Chinese associates. A comment from the account @CCCintelligenc highlighted the intricate dynamics at play: “They’re involved with EMA too,” hinting at possible conflicts of interest within the environmental agency.

The community now anxiously awaits effective measures to be implemented to hold those responsible accountable and to address the extensive environmental damage inflicted on the Mupfure River.

*This is an ongoing story, and additional details will be provided as they emerge.*