Male Nurses Impregnating Married Patients In Exchange for Treatment In Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Birth Town
10 January 2024
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Dear Editor,

The rampant corruption at Murowa Clinic in Zvishavane, Zimbabwe, is a matter of grave concern and warrants immediate intervention from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Service. At this clinic, male nurses have been exploiting their authority by demanding sexual favors from ill women, including those who are married, in exchange for medical treatment. This deplorable behavior has led to several unwanted pregnancies and the dissolution of marriages. One such nurse was recently punished with a fine of two cattle for engaging in a relationship with a married woman.

Home to Diamond Mining and yet its people are so poor… this is Murowa Clinic

Alarmingly, these individuals have also been targeting young schoolchildren, denying medical care to those who resist their demands. Additionally, these nurses often indulge in alcohol consumption, even during working hours. There was a shocking incident where an expectant mother had to give birth alone because a nurse was absent, drinking at a local bar.

The community of Murowa Ward is calling for the immediate transfer of these nurses. Their actions have transformed the clinic from a place of healing to one of pain and suffering, especially for those who lack connections and struggle to access even basic medicines like paracetamol. Family planning pills are being illegally sold on the black market, further compromising healthcare integrity.

This situation possibly reflects a broader issue within the Ministry of Health, suggesting a disconnect and inefficiency among the ministers who seem more focused on personal gain than on resolving these critical issues.

Yours sincerely,
A Concerned Murowa Resident