Masked Armed Robbers Terrorize Lomagundi College, Leaving Security Team and Deputy Head in Their Grip
10 January 2024
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By Jane Mlambo| A chilling ordeal engulfed Lomagundi College last night, as a daring group of armed robbers unleashed a reign of terror, leaving the school’s security team and Deputy Head, Mr. Masombo, in their clutches.

The harrowing incident unfolded around 8:30 pm on January 9, 2024, when a band of approximately ten masked assailants launched a coordinated ambush on the main gate security team.

Unsheathing their weapons, the robbers overpowered the security personnel, disarming them and swiftly taking them captive within the gate guard room.

Their audacity extended further when they intercepted Mr. Masombo, who had just returned to campus from a town visit. The deputy head was not spared, becoming the latest victim of the ruthless marauders.

Under the duress of gunpoint, Mr. Masombo and the five security guards were marched to the LC administration block.

There, the assailants, exhibiting a callous disregard for human dignity, bound their captives and forced them to lie on the floor. Their ruthlessness knew no bounds as they proceeded to disable the alarm system, providing themselves with unrestricted access to the college’s administrative offices.

With a ferocity that painted a grim picture of their intentions, the burglars launched a frenzied ransacking operation, targeting both fixed and movable safes.

While initial inquiries suggest that no school funds from fees were taken, lingering suspicions center on a significant sum of money, believed to be personal funds of staff members earmarked for clubs and committees, stored in their respective offices.

Their insatiable appetite for plunder extended beyond monetary gains, as they seized several valuable assets, including laptops and other electronic devices.

The criminals, leaving no trace of their presence, made their escape in Mr. Masombo’s vehicle, absconding with firearms from the disarmed security team and seizing mobile phones, including those belonging to Mr. Masombo and the security personnel.

Upon regaining their freedom, the traumatized school staff wasted no time in alerting the authorities.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Chinhoyi responded swiftly, initiating a comprehensive investigation that is currently underway.