Tshabangu’s Lawyer And Rushwaya Take Over ZBC
10 January 2024
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New Leadership Takes Over ZBC Board

By Dorrothy Moyo | In a surprising turn of events, Sengezo Tshabangu’s lawyer and Henrietta Rushwaya’s sister have assumed director roles at the national broadcaster, ZBC. The announcement was made by a state house official, raising eyebrows and prompting concerns about nepotism and cronyism.

The Rushwaya family, known for its connections to President Mnangagwa, has further solidified its influence within the government. Martin Rushwaya, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, joins his sister Henrietta Rushwaya in positions of authority, contributing to the perceived concentration of power among relatives, loyalists, and cronies.

The Acting Permanent Secretary for Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, Jonathan Gandari, disclosed the new ZBC board members. Besides the Rushwayas, the board includes Advocate Lewis Uriri, Chipo Nheta, Precious Charandura, Charles Munganasa, Dr. Henry Mukono, and Dr. Nanette Silukhuni.

The change in leadership follows the dismissal of the outgoing Dr. Josaya Tai-led board, citing issues related to performance, oversight, and corporate governance at ZBC. Additionally, the removal was prompted by controversial and tribally divisive remarks made by television presenters Farai Juliet Magada and Victoria Manase.

Magada and Manase faced public backlash for perpetuating colonial and tribal stereotypes, falsely claiming that 19th-century Ndebele State King Lobengula Khumalo sold the country for sugar to imperial Britain. The swift action against the old board and presenters highlights the government’s commitment to addressing governance issues and promoting responsible media representation.