Picture: Why On Earth Does This Boy Love Zanu PF?
13 January 2024
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Tinashe Sambiri

In a controversial statement, a young boy named Melusi Chiripowako has stirred frustration among Zimbabweans by proudly expressing support for ZANU PF during a period of economic hardships in the country.

Chiripowako shared on X platform: “This boy here loves ZANU PF, and ZANU PF loves him too.”

In response to Chiripowako’s remarks, a user known as M-Jay commented: “You’re too late bro. Elections are over. They won’t even give you a box of Chicken Inn. Get a passport and go find yourself a job. Comedians in normal countries don’t have to bootlick the ruling party to eat. You should be able to earn without bootlicking anyone.
So unfortunate!”

The incident highlights the frustration and skepticism among Zimbabweans regarding the economic challenges the country is facing and the perceived association of support for the ruling party with personal gain.