Senior University of Zimbabwe Lecturer Dies
13 January 2024
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Professor Boniface Samuel Chivore, a 72-year-old senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and a key figure in mass teacher training initiatives such as ZINTEC during independence, has passed away.

His demise occurred while being transported from his farm at Chipinda Resettlement near Mbungo to Makurira Clinic in Masvingo on Sunday afternoon.

UZ Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Mapfumo, confirmed the unfortunate news, emphasizing the significant loss to education, especially teacher training programs associated with UZ.

The late professor’s son, Vunganai Chivore, informed that mourners are gathering at the deceased’s farm, and burial arrangements are pending confirmation to accommodate the arrival of the deceased’s children from abroad, likely towards the end of this week.

The family has requested hero status for Chivore, recognizing his involvement in the struggle for independence since his youth in 1965.

Having joined UZ in 1985, Professor Chivore ascended to the position of professor in 1993, contributing to various roles at the University, including acting chairman of the Department of Teacher Education, chairman of M.ED Curriculum Evaluation, and Editor of Zimbabwe Bulletin Teacher Education.

The loss is described as significant, representing the depletion of institutional memory and expertise in teacher education, curriculum development, and distance education.