Sithule Tshuma: Qoki $25million ZIMRA Tax Evasion
15 January 2024
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By Nancy Ndaba | Sithule Tshuma, a Zimra-acknowledged land developer, is under scrutiny for an alleged $25 million tax evasion scam. The accusations suggest that Sithule, in collaboration with her lawyer Zibusiso Charles Ncube, manipulated land prices to artificially lower tax liabilities beginning with those of Douglasdale 1 and 2 farms.

Reports from Qoki women interviewed by ZIMRA recently state that they were directed by Sithule and Zibusiso to falsify figures. One interviewee disclosed, “We paid nearly $10,000 for a 700sqm plot, but Sithule Tshuma advised us to disclose only $3,800.” This raises concerns about the transparency and legality of these financial maneuvers.

The impacted women express apprehension about potential consequences for their properties in the context of tax evasion, emphasizing the need for clarity on the legality of such practices and hoping their compliance with Sithule’s directives will not jeopardize their future standing.

As authorities delve into this tax evasion scandal, questions surrounding the legitimacy of Sithule’s actions and potential ramifications for those involved remain at the forefront. The investigation aims to ascertain the extent of these alleged manipulations and ensure accountability in adherence to tax regulations.

It has come to light that the main objective of these projects was seemingly to enrich Sithule, her accomplices Karen Kumalo, Portia Kumalo, Nompilo Moyo, Bridget Dube, and their lawyer Zibusiso Charles Ncube. Reportedly, on almost all 38 projects, Zibusiso Charles Ncube pocketed a minimum of $30,000 from each project, noting that he represented both buyer and seller in most projects. The origin of these funds, believed to be laundered from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Botswana, raises questions regarding tax evasion and potential financial improprieties.

In recent news, Sithule was busted for orchestrating smuggling R500,000.00 into Zimbabwe via the Beitbridge border post.