ICJ Ignores South Africa’s Cease-Fire Demands, Orders Israel To Avoid Genocide In Gaza
26 January 2024
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By Political Editor- The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ignored South Africa’s call for action against Israel in connection to the Gaza Strip.

The court, however, issued binding measures instructing Israel to curb its military aggression in Gaza, responding to South Africa’s concerns.

South Africa had brought a case to the UN’s top court, urging Tel Aviv to halt its military actions in Gaza, where over 25,000 civilian lives have reportedly been lost.

The ICJ’s 17-judge panel delivered a preliminary ruling outlining six urgent measures for Israel.

These directives compel Israel to mitigate the death toll and destruction resulting from its military campaign, prevent and penalise incitement to genocide, and ensure the unhindered provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Judge Joan Donoghue emphasised that Israel must fulfil its obligations under the Genocide Convention, specifically in relation to Palestinians in Gaza.

The court’s mandate extends to preventing acts falling under Article Two of the convention, which includes killing groups of individuals or causing severe bodily or mental harm to members of the group.

While the ICJ’s decisions are binding and cannot be appealed, the court lacks enforcement mechanisms.

The ruling marks a significant development in addressing the complex geopolitical issues surrounding the Gaza conflict.