Prophet Chiza Joins Hopewell To Order Job Sikhala to Embrace CIO’s Mandela-Illusion
4 February 2024
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By Religion Reporter | The controversial Prophet Richard Chiza on Sunday joined the activist Hopewell Chin’ono in encouraging the recently released legislator, Job Sikhala, to subscribe to a psycho-trick by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), which frames him as a Nelson Mandela reincarnation.

This scheme, which includes Chin’ono’s poetics orchestrated by the CIO two years ago, is aimed to delude Sikhala and a UK-based cousin into confessing under duress that they are the incarnates of Nelson Mandela.

The plot, previously uncovered by ZimEye, involves three members of the notorious intelligence agency who, following the duo’s arrests related to state harassment, initiated a series of phone calls and visits over the last 2 years. The objective was to entangle them in legal definitions of terrorism similar to those Mandela would face under current laws, thereby justifying potential harm against them and numerous others.

During a church service, Prophet Chiza spoke saying, “I am not prophesying, I am interpreting because I don’t want people to say Chiza prophesied, no, it’s a dream.” He advised Sikhala to abandon his usual suits, suggesting a divine message requiring compliance. Sikhala, in his response, acknowledged the prophet’s guidance, affirming the unusual resonance of Mandela’s voice in his speech, a claim that has sparked rumors among followers and the public alike.


This incidents raise profound questions about the manipulation of spiritual beliefs for political ends and the psychological pressures faced by political detainees in Zimbabwe. The conversation between Chiza and Sikhala not only sheds light on the complexities of Zimbabwe’s political and spiritual landscape but also highlights the intricate ways in which state apparatus may be employed to subdue dissent and manipulate public perception.

Meanwhile, the below audio recording is of the controversial activist Hopewell Chin’ono screaming out while walking away from legend singer Thomas Mapfumo’s photoshoot in Leicester, UK.

Chin’ono in the audio accuses the country’s most popular politician, Nelson Chamisa of neglecting Job Sikhala, saying he was wasting time tweeting while Job Sikhala was suffering in prison. He says Chamisa seemed more concerned over his register-to-vote rallies that over Sikhala’s plight.

Ironically Chin’ono has also accused Chamisa of not holding any register-to-vote rallies in the run up to the 2023 elections.

He accuses Chamisa of sending him pictures of his (Chamisa’s) rally during Sikhala’s trying moments.

“He sent me [rally pictures), I don’t tweet things like that,” says Chin’ono.

The former legislator, Tafadzwa Musekiwa then answers back asking if the rally “is the Kariba one,” to which Chin’ono blows back saying,

“I was being tweeted to and would just ignore; everything I was getting tweeted and would just ignore. There is someone who is in prison [and he’s doing this],” he says in the clip captured by ZimEye in July 2022, comments which Zimbabweans have re opened as they connect them to Chin’ono’s allegation that Nelson Chamisa’s party is going to split because according to him (Chin’ono) the CCC leader is incompetent.


Since 2022 Chinono has continued berating Chamisa saying he focuses too much on citing Bible verses. while Sikhala is suffering.

Chamisa has chosen to ignore the commentator.

Meanwhile, Hopewell Chin’ono’s repeating behaviour is explained by an NHS mental health expert who among many others alleges on video she witnessed him engaging in credit card fraud and that he was once arrested over money laundering in UK, before changing his surname from Mukusha after leaving UK for Zimbabwe.

She also says she has to repeat these allegations in order to alert the nation over how he has hurt many people since his Marlborough High School days.

“What he did to me without remorse, if he does it to Zimbabwe without remorse, will there be any chance of a reversal?,” says Grace Mupfurutsa, around the time of Chin’ono’s first arrest by the Zimbabwe military government he’s been working for, on 18 Aug 2020.