Nelson Chamisa’s Grassroots Support Unassailable
10 February 2024
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By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma


One would be forgiven to think that this was national convention by pro‐democracy supporters of Advocate Nelson Chamisa. But alas, this was just a provincial meeting by the legitimate democratic alternative in Zimbabwe.

No words and/or superlatives are good enough to explain the huge turn out of Harare citizens who in clear terms expressed their support for President Nelson Chamisa and his decision to dump the contaminated CCC.

No bussing nor food baits but still citizens from Harare province thronged the opposition offices in Belvedere in their thousands.

This was a huge statement by the Blue Submarine of Harare in support of the former CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Simply put, Chamisa is a loved man! A man of principle who has always chosen to stand with the masses over parochial interests.

That NC, as President Chamisa is affectionately addressed by his supporters, did not attend today’s meeting but still multitudes attended the program is a big big statement. Chamisa has become an idea whose time has come.

Neither vote rigging, arbitrary arrests, political killings, propaganda nor force can destroy this honorable man.

Change is coming!