Revolutionizing Access to Healthcare: Blessing Museki’s Cloomi Takes Zimbabwe by Storm
10 February 2024
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Business Correspondent

Blessing Museki, a Zimbabwean software engineer based in the United Kingdom, has unveiled a groundbreaking product search engine dubbed Cloomi, aimed at transforming the way Zimbabweans access healthcare products.

In an exclusive interview with, Museki delved into the ideology driving Cloomi’s inception and its remarkable journey since its inception.

The Genesis of Cloomi

Museki revealed that the idea for Cloomi took root in 2022 during a family discussion on procuring medication for his mother.

Faced with the daunting prospect of navigating numerous pharmacies for quotes, Museki recognized the need for a more efficient solution.

Drawing inspiration from WhatsApp’s ubiquity as Zimbabwe’s virtual gateway, he embarked on the mission to create a platform accessible to the masses.Empowering Users with ConvenienceAt the heart of Cloomi lies its user-centric approach, offering a seamless experience for individuals seeking medication. With just a few taps, users can effortlessly connect with pharmacies in their vicinity while maintaining anonymity.

Upon confirmation of medication availability, users receive instant notifications along with pharmacy details, granting them autonomy in selecting their preferred provider based on factors such as price, availability, or location.

Expanding HorizonsCurrently boasting a network of over 70 pharmacies in Harare, Cloomi aims to expand its reach across all provinces by mid-year, with Bulawayo as the initial focal point. Additionally, the platform plans to integrate medical laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers, solidifying its position as Zimbabwe’s premier 24/7 Health Hotline.

Beyond Borders:

Accessibility for AllContrary to its name, Cloomi isn’t confined within Zimbabwe’s borders.

With WhatsApp as its conduit, the platform extends its services globally, facilitating transactions for individuals seeking healthcare products for loved ones back home.

Although transactional capabilities are not yet integrated, Museki hinted at future enhancements to streamline the process.

In essence, Cloomi stands as a testament to innovation and inclusivity, revolutionizing healthcare accessibility one tap at a time.