Mnangagwa Security Harasses Motorist(s)
21 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s aides have caused chaos in Masvingo ahead of the Zanu PF leader’s s visit to the town this week.

His overzealous security team engaged in aggressive behaviour Tuesday towards a truck driver who allegedly delayed the Presidential motorcade in the city centre.

While conducting drills ahead of Mnangagwa’s scheduled for today, his security details encountered a delay when a truck failed to yield promptly to the advancing motorcade.
In response, members of Mnangagwa’s security details disembarked from an accompanying vehicle and confronted the startled truck driver, instructing him to clear the path for the motorcade.
The situation escalated as state security agents joined in, intensifying the interrogation of the driver.
Eyewitnesses recounted the chaotic scene, with one commuter omnibus driver from Masvingo Downtown Terminus stating, “The last two vehicles in the motorcade stopped, and security details then interrogated the driver.
I think he did not realize what was taking place. Upon realizing that the Presidential motorcade was approaching, the truck driver panicked.”
This incident highlights the tense and sometimes heavy-handed nature of security operations surrounding high-profile visits, raising concerns about the treatment of civilians in such situations.