Mbare Residents and Commuters Up in Arms Over Constant Smoke from Dumping Area
25 February 2024
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By A Correspondent| Residents and commuters in Mbare are expressing outrage over the continuous smoke emanating from the dumping area near the Mbare Musika International Termini. The Zimbabwean environmental rights group, PAZ (People Against Litter), is calling upon the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and the City of Harare to take immediate action to address the issue.

The burning of refuse at the dump, which originates from vendors, commuters, residents, and city clean-ups, is causing significant air pollution and releasing harmful toxins into the surrounding environment. Residents living westward of the dump, along Seke Road/Chaminuka Street in Majorburg, and commuters using the termini are particularly affected by the smoke.

“We are deeply concerned about the health risks associated with this constant smoke,” said a spokesperson for PAZ. “The toxic pollutants being released into the air can have serious consequences for respiratory health, especially for vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.”

PAZ is urging the City of Harare and EMA to take the following actions:

  • Extinguish the fire: Immediate steps need to be taken to extinguish the fire currently burning at the dumpsite.
  • Implement consistent refuse collection: Regular and frequent collection of refuse is crucial to prevent the build-up of waste that leads to burning.

“We urge the relevant authorities, particularly the City of Harare and EMA, to heed this call and take immediate action to address this public health and environmental concern,” concluded the PAZ spokesperson.

The constant smoke from the Mbare dumping area highlights the city’s ongoing waste management challenges. Addressing this issue will require a collaborative effort between government agencies, waste management companies, and the community to implement sustainable solutions that prioritize both public health and environmental protection.