UK: 26y Old Zimbabwean Killed
25 February 2024
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By A Correspondent | A young Zimbabwean man’s life was cut short in South Yorkshire, sparking both sorrow and a call to action within the community.

Lazarus Makono, aged 26, became the victim of a fatal stabbing in Barnsley, an incident that has left the local and international communities in shock. The distressing event took place at a property on Cooperative Street around 01:20 GMT on Wednesday, where Lazarus was discovered with severe injuries. Despite the immediate response, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

South Yorkshire Police have swiftly acted, resulting in the arrest of two men, aged 27 and 28, on suspicion of murder. These individuals are currently being held in custody as investigations continue. Additionally, a broader inquiry has led to the arrest of two women, aged 20 and 25, and another man, aged 32, on suspicions related to assisting an offender. These suspects have been released on bail pending further investigation.

Senior investigating officer Ben Wood expressed the police’s commitment to uncovering the full circumstances of Mr. Makono’s death, acknowledging the profound grief his family is experiencing. “Lazarus’ family are heartbroken and grieving during this very difficult time, and my thoughts go out to his family and loved ones,” he stated, emphasizing the personal toll of this tragic incident.

In response to the overwhelming tragedy, Sharron Muzunze has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the repatriation of Lazarus’s body to Zimbabwe, ensuring he receives a dignified burial among his parents, aunt, and siblings. This initiative reflects the community’s solidarity and collective mourning for Lazarus, described as a vibrant soul known for his laughter and kindness.

The campaign seeks to alleviate the financial burden on Lazarus’s family during this period of unimaginable loss, inviting contributions from all who wish to express their support and compassion. This act of collective kindness serves as a testament to Lazarus’s impact on those around him and a beacon of hope in the face of such a senseless act of violence.

The community, both local and abroad, is urged to come together in support of Lazarus’s family through contributions to the GoFundMe page or by sharing information that may assist the police investigation. In honoring Lazarus Makono’s memory, we reaffirm our commitment to unity, compassion, and justice in the wake of tragedy.