Chivhayo Donated Car In Horror Crash
26 February 2024
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By A Showbiz Reporter| One of the musicians who benefited from the controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo’s donated cars, BaTroy has, crashed it in an accident.

BaTroy is well known for his hit song ‘Shungu Dzemoyo Wangu.’

The Zimbabwean musician BaTroy crashed a Toyota Aqua gifted to him by Chivhayo.

Details about the accident are still sketchy, and it remains uncertain whether the singer was present in the car at the time of the accident or if he sustained any injuries.
However, he took to social media to share images of his severely damaged car. In one of his posts, he expressed his sorrow over the loss of his car, which, based on the picture he shared, appears to be extensively damaged.
“Aqua Yangu Mhai,” he wrote.
This accident came barely a month after wealthy businessman Wicknell Chivayo bought him the car.
In January, BaTroy made a public plea to Wicknell Chivayo to buy him a car.
In a video recorded during his commute on public transport, BaTroy humbly requested the businessman’s help, citing the undignified nature of his current mode of transportation.
Responding to the video, Wicknell said he was touched by the BaTroy’s plea. He disclosed that he was going to buy him an Aqua Toyota.
“Ndiani blaz uyu ndaona video yake ndichingo pedza kunamata 5 30 a.m??? Ndanzwa tsitsi saka Chikumbiro chake chadairwa..Anopindawo mu AQUA this week isati yapera…” he wrote on his Instagram stories.
However, upon learning that BaTroy did not have a driver’s license, Wicknell expressed his discouragement about buying him a car when he does not have a valid driver’s license.
“Baba Troy = No valid drivers license No provisional…
“I can’t and will never buy someone without a license a car…
“Anoita accident ofa mangwana chaiye then iyo Rolls Royce Spectre yangu yandiri kuita kurota iyi yosvika in the next few months ndino pfidza nemi ma zimba ….Taizviziva chikwambo chake chaida ropa…IM NOT READY FOR THAT NONSENSE,” he said.
The generous businessman confirmed that he would proceed with the purchase of the vehicle, with the understanding that BaTroy would collect it after obtaining his driver’s license. Wicknell Chivayo also stated that he would cover the expenses associated with the licensing process.
“However, I will still buy the car tomorrow have it registered in his name and give him in 3 weeks atora license…Now he must read highway code onyora provisional this week and I’ll pay 60 x 1 hours lessons for him then oenda ku road test.
“Once he has his driver’s license he will drive home in his car the same day,” he said.
True to his promise, Wicknell Chivayo presented BaTroy with a Toyota Aqua shortly after he obtained his driver’s license.