MDC-T Leader Douglas Mwonzora Accused of Neglecting 9-Year-Old Son, Court Orders Monthly Maintenance
27 February 2024
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By A Correspondent| MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has been accused of neglecting his nine-year-old son with ex-lover Getrude Chuma.

The revelation came to light during a court hearing before Harare magistrate Meenal Narotam.

Chuma, the ex-lover, asserted that Mwonzora, a prominent political figure, should be held accountable for the well-being of their child.

She demanded a monthly payment of US$1,500 to cover the child’s upkeep.

Chuma argued that Mwonzora, with his position as a political party president, ownership of a farm in Nyanga, and directorship at a law firm, could easily afford the stipulated amount.

Adding to the accusations, Chuma disclosed that Mwonzora insisted on enrolling the minor in a private school, despite his failure to fulfill the financial obligations related to school fees.

It was further revealed in court that Mwonzora had allegedly blocked Chuma’s attempts to communicate with him.

In Mwonzora’s absence, Magistrate Narotam granted Chuma’s application, issuing a court order mandating the politician to pay a monthly maintenance fee of US$500.

Additionally, Mwonzora was directed to settle his son’s school fees in full.

The court’s decision underscores the gravity of the allegations against the political leader, placing him under legal obligations to provide for his neglected child.