3million Building Abandoned
3 March 2024
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A US$3 million property owned by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) in Harare has been left abandoned, leading to over US$600,000 in damages due to vandalism, as revealed by Truth Diggers. This incident adds to the controversies surrounding Zimstat, following last year’s suspension of its director general amid mismanagement allegations. Many Zimstat officials were reportedly unaware of the property until its vandalism came to light. The agency’s director of administration confirmed the matter is under investigation but could not provide further details.

Sources suggest this neglect reflects broader issues of mismanagement within government agencies, criticizing the lack of security at the valuable site and hinting at possible intentional neglect for looting purposes. The episode forms part of ongoing concerns about financial losses and inefficiency within the Zimbabwean government, amidst wider allegations of corruption and misappropriation within Zimstat. This includes the misuse of vehicles, dubious financial transactions, and the misallocation of funds intended for agency resources, spotlighting a need for greater accountability and governance within public institutions.