Fred M’membe’s Call for Friction Between Zambia And Zimbabwe, An Offence
6 March 2024
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By Mark Simuuwe | To call for friction between two countries expressingly or impliedly is a criminal offence.

Fred M’membe is back with his dirty divisive politics of creating confusion, hate, and extreme jealousy.

In his insatiable appetite for political relevance, division, extreme jealousy, hate and anger, Fred claims President Hakainde Hichilema has celebrated US- sanctions on Zimbabwe, with intent to systematically create friction between the two countries which is an offence and jailable.

very clear it is the Govt of Zimbabwe’s spokesperson Nick Mangwana who threw a party over the removal of US sanctions

To put matters straight, Zambians acknowledge that Sanctions on Zimbabwe have a bearing on Zambia’s economic activities, including the entire SADC region; it is a notorious fact that there is interdependence among all world economies and a fall in one has a bearing on the other countries.

Arising from the above, government of the Republic of Zambia has issued a statement under the Acting Foreign affairs Minister Honorable Mulambo Haimbe in which, government has expressly called on the US and other Countries to remove all sanctions from Zimbabwe.

But as usual, Fred survives on dirt, insults and calling for anarchy to finance his party and believe by writing negative things about HH and Mnangagwa , he will be more relevant for funding.

This kind of politics is draconian and has no space on Zambia’s political landscape.

Fred believes, he will be more relevant by committing an offence; once caged, he should not cry foul.

Which responsible person calls for friction between his own country and the neighboring country?

For avoidance of doubt , His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of
Zambia and Chairperson of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security

Cooperation, about 81 sanctions have since been removed from Zimbabwe, leaving about 9 sanctions, which is an achievement for the first time such sanctions were imposed in the past 20years.