Shocking Details On Beitbridge Horror Crash
16 March 2024
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By A Correspondent | People Who witnessed the head-on collision of two buses in Beitbridge early today say one of the buses was running away from a car of Ferets, a group known for its terror activities.

In the early hours of Saturday, a devastating head-on collision occurred at Chicago in Beitbridge, marking a dark start to the day for the region.

The accident involved a Citi Bus originating from Johannesburg and a Blue Circle bus coming from Harare, colliding head-on under unclear and troubling circumstances at Chigaco Village after the railway line.

Parked at Puma Service Station… the pickup truck whose drivers are accused of causing the accident
Preliminary reports suggest that the crash was preceded by a high-speed chase involving a white Nissan truck, allegedly carrying members of the Feret, a group known for its terror activities.

This detail adds a layer of complexity and concern to the already tragic incident, hinting at possible targeted aggression leading to the accident.

Despite these reports, footage obtained by the ZimEye news network does not show the white Nissan in the vicinity of the crash.

The video clip, however, paints a harrowing picture of the aftermath, with victims visibly scattered across the crash site, indicating the severe impact of the collision.

A source near the scene told ZimEye that more than 10 died, and several were injured.

Authorities and emergency services were quick to respond, with multiple victims receiving urgent medical attention.

The extent of the injuries and the total number of casualties are still being determined as rescue efforts continue.

In the wake of this tragic event, officials are urging anyone with relatives who may have been aboard either bus to make immediate contact with their loved ones.

The situation has sparked widespread concern, with families and friends anxiously awaiting news of those involved.

This incident has shaken the community and raised serious questions about the circumstances leading up to the crash. With investigations ongoing, many are calling for thorough scrutiny into the involvement of the Feret group (condemned by the regional body, SADC during the 2023 elections) and the actions leading to this catastrophic event.

A comment from the Deputy Director General of the CIO who heads the accused ferrets could not be ontained at the time of writing.

“But what is difficult to understand is that they (the government) announced recently that the border has been erected and now that there is security there.

But what is the reason of the ferrets chasing down buses on either side of the border after those vehicles we’ll have gone through the very same security?
“What are the fereets doing there and what is their purpose?,” asked one unidentified complaining Zimbabwean on an audio message.

As this story develops, more details are expected to emerge regarding the cause of the collision and the condition of those affected.

The community holds its breath for updates, hoping for the safety of all involved.

Stay tuned to this page for the latest information as it becomes available.