Zanu PF ‘Kills’ Bikita Top Council Official
16 March 2024
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By Staff Reporter- Zanu PF is accused of causing the death of the late Bikita Chief Executive Officer, Peter Chibhi, who committed suicide last Monday.

Masvingo Mirror reports that the last Chibhi took poison straight after attending a Zanu PF kangaroo court where he was promptly summoned to answer certain questions on Saturday.

Questions asked include why the council sold stands on a Zanu PF Heroes’ Acre and at the Zanu PF Women’s League Hall at Nyika Growth Point.

He was also questioned on Hanyani, a private company which Chibhi and the finance director allegedly formed to do business with the council.

There was reference to a negative council audit report during the meeting which is the current basis of an investigation against senior council officials.

Chibhi left the meeting held at the council boardroom at Nyika Growth Point in a huff and bought a bottle of poison on his way home. He left the receipt on a table at home and went to another house he was building nearby and drank the poison, according to sources close to the family.

The Mirror established that Chibhi was called to the meeting at around 12 pm by Kudakwashe Gopo, the Zanu PF district political commissar and he turned up. The meeting ended around 3 pm.

Gopo confirmed calling and summoning Chibhi to the meeting.
“Yes I am the one who called him to the meeting and he attended. I however cannot comment on any other issues because I am not allowed to by the party,” he told The Mirror.

Present at the meeting were party bigwigs like former Army general Englebert Rugeje, Bikita East MP Court Zevezanai, former Education Minister Gabriel Machinga, Senator Anna Rungani, Central Committee member Univester Mukwena and Provincial member Simon Muchafa.
Four chiefs were present at the meeting and they are Marozva, Budzi, Mabika and Ziki. Bikita RDC chairperson Thomas Mataga and five council committee chairpersons were also present.
Rt Lt General Rugeje did not answer his phone most of the day yesterday.
It is not clear what authority Zanu PF has to summon and question a CEO of a local authority whose line of reporting is through councillors and the Ministry of Local Government. The meeting buttresses allegations of a Government Policy which directs local authorities to report to Zanu PF.
The DCC chairperson, Chamunorwa Taruona however insisted that the suicide could be for personal reasons. He said the meeting with Chibhi was cordial and at no time was he harassed.
“The meeting went on quite well. No one harassed him. We wanted him to clarify some grey areas. After the meeting, we went home. No one thought he would take his life. I think he had his problems at home,” said Taruona.
Mataga said the meeting even pledged to support Chibhi during the difficult time that he was being investigated for corruption.
“I didn’t think he would take his life. We even told him that we were behind him and all his problems were under control. We supported him,” said Mataga.
After noticing a receipt on the table, Chibhi’s wife allegedly became suspicious and followed him to the new house. She allegedly found him writhing in agony and took him to Silveira Hospital.
Chibhi was transferred from Silveira to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where he passed on around 3 am on Monday.
His burial is taking place today.
In 2021 Local Government Ministry Permanent Secretary Zvinechimwe Churu ordered Bikita RDC to stop the allocation of land belonging to the Public Service Commission (PSC).
This was after the then PSC Secretary Jonathan Wutawunashe wrote to the Ministry objecting to the council’s move to parcel out land belonging to the civil servants’ body. PSC accused Bikita RDC of encroaching on its land and turning it into commercial stands.