Businessman Scoffs At Impersonation Claims
19 March 2024
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By A Correspondent| Harare businessman Andrew Manongore has laughed off at social media claims that he impersonates and claims to be President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son or nephew saying ED is everything to him.

He described the claims as an attempt by malcontents to extort him, demanding US$80 000 to spare his name.

This arose after skirmishes at a local hotel which resulted in a police report against celebrity prophet Passion Java and Mike Chimombe who allegedly led goons in attacking Manongore.

“The mistake these people are making is to think that I started knowing ED when he became president. I grew up and worked in the Midlands where he looked after me. I have no reason to claim that he is my father because he is everything to me. He would pay my rentals when I moved to Chitungwiza and helped me start my business. He groomed me in business and taught me the values of hard work.
“This is someone who paid my rentals and bought my groceries. He is more than a father to me. He is my godfather. This is the work of my enemies and they, wanted US$80 000 from me which I refused to part with” he said.
The businessman said he will be instituting legal action against those bend on soiling his image and dragging the President’s name.

He said his enemies are trying to sow seeds of division between him and the President’s family.

“I cannot disassociate myself with the President and his family because our relationship is well documented. His sons and myself are more than friends. We are family. Unlike these other guys who will be seeking photo opportunities with them, I don’t have to do that, I don’t have that appetite because I have been a part of them and if need be, I know where to find them.

“I have never at one point used or abused his name and no one can claim that I have done so. There is no evidence to that because it has never happened and we will be sending our lawyers. The President is on record, speaking against those who name drop his name or his family. I’m a successful businessman, leading a quiet life away from social media and this pains a lof of people,” he said.

The businessman said his dispute with Mike Chimombe has been resolved after a meeting on Monday. Chimombe reportedly apologized to Manongore over the incident and he was forgiven.