UK Based-Zim Academic Lands Top Military AI Post
22 March 2024
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By Diplomatic Correspondent- A United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean academic, Prof. Dr. Thompson Chengeta, an Associate Professor in Law and AI Technologies at Liverpool John Moores University, has been appointed a Commissioner for the Global Commission on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain (GC REAIM).

The GC REAIM is an initiative launched by the Government of the Netherlands during the 2023 REAIM Summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain held in The Hague.

It aims to address the challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence (AI) in the military-strategic realm.

Chengeta expressed gratitude for his appointment to the GC REAIM, saying he was looking forward to working with other 14 Commissioners and 40 renowned experts and thought leaders from across the globe on the initiative. He said:

I am honoured to join GC REAIM, as its aim to provide a much-needed platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue on military Al matches my interest in inclusive dialogue on this matter. While Al in the military domain offers opportunities for others, it raises disproportionate risks for people who, historically and at present, are often disproportionately impacted by war. I look forward to exchanging views with all stakeholders.

The GC REAIM Commissioners are Prof. Dr. Thompson Chengeta (LJMU School of Law; UN ABDM and AI Study of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights), Prof. Dr. Toby Walsh (UNSW AI Institute, Australia), Prof. Dr. Denise Garcia (Northeastern University, U.S.), Prof. Dr. Mary (Missy) Cummings (George Mason University, U.S.), Prof. Dr. Stuart Russell (University of California, U.S.), Prof. Dr. Mary Ellen O’Connell (University of Notre Dame, U.S.), Prof. Nehal Bhuta (University of Edinburgh, U.K.), Prof. Dr. Kenneth Payne (King’s College London, U.K.).