Zambia Takes Climate Change Awareness To High Level
26 March 2024
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By Godfrey Nyishi

Climate and Environmental Activist

Today marks a pivotal moment in Zambia’s history as His Excellency Mr. Hakainde Hichilema launched the National Youth Indaba with the resonating theme: “Be the Change, Zambia@60 #BeTheChange.” This initiative symbolizes a beacon of hope and empowerment for the nation’s youth, signaling a call to action to drive positive transformation and progress.

The significance of the National Youth Indaba cannot be overstated. It serves as a platform for the youth to actively engage in shaping their future and contributing to the development of Zambia. By embracing the mantra of “Be the Change,” young Zambians are encouraged to take ownership of their destinies, catalyzing innovation, entrepreneurship, and social change.

Moreover, the unveiling of the National Youth Policy alongside its implementation plan by the esteemed Minister Of Youth, sports and art Mr Elvis chishala Nkandu Mp, signifies a concrete commitment from the government to prioritize youth development. This comprehensive roadmap, spanning from 2024 to 2028, is designed to accelerate youth participation and empowerment across various sectors of society.

Through strategic initiatives outlined in the policy, such as education and skills development, employment creation, and civic engagement, the government aims to unleash the full potential of Zambia’s youth demographic. By nurturing a conducive environment for youth empowerment, the nation can harness the energy, creativity, and talents of its young citizens to drive sustainable growth and prosperity. is proud to announce its Climate Change Awareness Initiative.

Let’s join hands in the fight against the effects of climate change…

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