Former Zvimba East MP Oliver Mutasa Initiates Inspiring Projects Despite Parliament Recall
28 March 2024
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By Justin Munyaradzi In a notable demonstration of resilience and commitment, Hon. Oliver Mutasa, the erstwhile Member of Parliament for Zvimba East Constituency, continues to advance uplifting initiatives despite his recall from parliament by Sengezo Tshabangu and his group. Mutasa has actively engaged with the youth across Zvimba East’s 10 wards, offering entrepreneurial training with a focus on agricultural projects.

Oliver Mutasa

A cohort of 40 youths, four from each ward, has already completed training in a range of agricultural pursuits. Mutasa’s ambition goes further as he aims to establish one garden per adjacent ward, totaling five gardens throughout the constituency. He plans to provide the essential potato seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides needed for land preparation to support these projects.

Under the “Zvimba East Platform,” the youth, especially women, young people, and some elderly individuals in Zvimba East, stand to gain significantly from these endeavors. Mutasa aims for every ward in the constituency to benefit from these transformative projects. In a recent interview, Mutasa shared his steadfast resolve, asserting, “As elected officials, we cannot afford to linger on setbacks or become idle due to the adverse nature of politics. Our duty is to keep engaging with our constituents and to fulfill our electoral pledges.”

Mutasa’s projects tackle vital issues like household food security, the combat against drug abuse due to the lack of employment among the youth, and the empowerment of the next generation. He is currently scouting for appropriate locations to launch these projects, with a preference for areas with accessible land and water. To sustain and broaden these initiatives, Mutasa plans to set up a revolving fund and seek collaboration with allies in other Zvimba constituencies and across Mashonaland West Province, capitalizing on the region’s agricultural economy.

Moreover, Mutasa intends to organize educational tours to empower the youth by offering training and facilitating access to funding, markets, and agribusiness professionals. The first group of young individuals has already been trained in Hwedza South District. Mutasa emphasizes the importance of cooperation and partnerships with other MPs in Mashonaland West province, covering both rural and urban areas, to collectively uplift communities.

With a professional background in environmental engineering, Mutasa is proficient in climate change mitigation and aims to promote sustainable agriculture as a solution to food security challenges. He also plans to engage in sports initiatives, not just to honor the 15,435 individuals who supported him in the August 23, 2023, harmonized elections, but because he believes he still has a mandate to fulfill his electoral promises.

Hon. Oliver Mutasa’s relentless dedication to improving the Zvimba East community stands as a beacon of inspiration. Through his agricultural projects and future plans, he aspires to instigate lasting change, empower the youth, ensure food security, and confront societal issues head-on. Despite his parliamentary recall, Mutasa’s devotion to his constituents is unshaken.