Auxillia An Angel In Human Form, Declares Veteran Actor
31 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

In an emotional tribute at the funeral of the esteemed Zimbabwean actress Stella January, who recently passed away from cancer at 55, iconic playwright and actor Aaron Chiundura Moyo offered high praise for First Lady Dr. Auxillia Mnangagwa’s visionary contributions to the arts.

The gathering, which brought together key figures from Zimbabwe’s entertainment scene, highlighted the First Lady’s profound impact and her unexpected role in fostering cultural expression and addressing social issues through the arts.

Moyo shared his astonishment and admiration for Dr. Mnangagwa’s direct involvement in the creation of ‘Rujeko,’ a theatrical project aimed at empowering young girls and addressing societal challenges.

He revealed how Dr. Mnangagwa personally reached out to him to collaborate on this initiative, emphasizing her humility and her dedication to the arts.

“She is not just a First Lady but an artiste in the real sense,” Moyo remarked, underlining the First Lady’s earnest engagement with the project and her explicit directive to keep the play apolitical, focusing instead on universal themes of growth and empowerment.

The First Lady’s role went beyond mere patronage; she was actively involved in conceptualizing the play and even in the selection of its cast, showcasing her dedication to nurturing talent and her insightful understanding of the arts as a tool for social commentary.

Moyo highlighted how Dr. Mnangagwa’s endorsement and selection of Stella January for the play exemplified her appreciation and support for local artists.