BREAKING: Another Victim of Welshman Ncube’s Qoki USD25 Million Scam Wins Bank Fraud Refund
2 April 2024
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By A Correspondent | Another victim of Prof Welshman Ncube’s USD25milion Qoki scam has been refunded her money.

Early Tuesday morning, the ZimEye news network received a voice note from the Qoki victim (name withheld) as she announced-

“I feel relieved, this thing has been stressing me day in day out,” she said while screaming that she has received GBP3.000, from her first bank claim for refund.

She becomes victim number 25 to be refunded since the day ZimEye published the first investigative articles in 2023.

Over 550 female investors from Matebeleland were duped to pay in an average of USD45,000 per person into Professor Ncube’s faction’s claim that the women are buying predominantly title deeds. The investigation reveals the title deeds are either none resistant, or totally invalid for land rights transfer.

Prof Ncube is entangled in the scam three times, as both the lawyer of the Qoki founder, Sithule Tshuma, and the lawyer for the victims. In a way that further makes money disappear, Prof Ncube is boss to the chief founder, Jimmy Chasafara who runs by the alias, Ndaba Nhuku.

Several court cases are currently underway.