Chivhayo Reveals His Hurombwa Name
3 April 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo has said that his success lies in the unknown name his late parents gave him.

Chivhayo made the revelations on Facebook Wednesday when he showed off his latest car.

Below is Chivhayo’s post:

FINALLY my all new 2024 ROLLS ROYCE SPECTRE arrived last week on Friday…As always ZIMRA officials can’t stand this big name called CHIVAYO so I made sure I had saved the 470 thousand USD they demanded to make sure we get along…GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST forever and ever I say AMEN……MUNO is my ORIGINAL name that my MUM , DAD , GRANDFATHER , GRANDMOTHER and my whole family called me as i grew up and i miss hearing it as they have all since departed and are resting in eternal peace…Nowadays i hear your different titles and names you call me like MUDHARA , MBINGA , MBADA , VAKURU aiwa kwete ini zita rangu ndinonzi MUNODAANI ndakaripihwa na Sekuru vangu CHENJERA zvichinzi MUNODAANI ko JESU kana kuti SATAN mhuri yese ikabvuma kuti tinoda JESU…AMEN…