Mnangagwa’s Penchant For Graveside Rituals Continues
8 April 2024
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Last week the Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa held another graveside ritual while commissioning the Kamungoma Liberation War Memorial Site…

See statement below :


Commissioning of the Kamungoma Liberation War memorial site in Gutu, Zimbabwe

Address by the Head of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces His Excellency Dr ED Mnangagwa

It is my singular honour and privilege to join you today for the unveiling of this sacred site, the Kamungoma Liberation War Shrine, where 105 of our fellow brothers and sisters were brutally killed by the Rhodesian army on the 14th of May 1978.

We are gathered here today in Gutu District, which gave us luminaries of our liberation struggle, notable among them is the Soul of the Nation, the late National Hero and Vice President, Simon Vengai Muzenda.

This particular occasion is in honour of the communities, ordinary men and women, boys and girls, as well as veterans of the liberation struggle, who bore the brunt of the racist brutality by the white settler regime, in our quest for independence, democracy, freedom and self-determination.

Many of our people here in Gutu District and Masvingo Province as a whole were massacred and buried in shallow graves. Occasions such as this one are a solemn reminder to all of us that we must never forget our history.

It is, thus, befitting that as we remember those who perished here at Kamungoma, in a fortnight’s time, we will be commemorating our 44th Independence Day Anniversary in Murambinda, Manicaland Province.

May I now invite you all to rise and observe a minute of silence in honour of our dearly departed. May their souls continue to rest in eternal peace.

Our country experienced a brutal process of colonisation by the British, who oppressed communities in their unbridled quest to loot our resources and make our beloved nation an extension of the British Empire.

In so doing, our forefathers lost possession of their land, livestock and other productive assets, including key heritage artifacts that define us as a people.

The arrogance and disregard of the rights of the black majority were so brute to the extent that Ian Douglas Smith declared he did not believe in black majority rule ‘not in a thousand years’.

Driven by their desire to resist colonial occupation, our forebears waged the First Chimurenga, which saw numerous battles being fought across the country.

In particular, our gallant heroine Mbuya Nehanda, while on death row, remarked “Mapfupa angu achamuka”.

The country subsequently witnessed the upsurge of various forms of resistance, which eventually led to the Second Chimurenga/Umvukela.

The path was not easy for the thousands of sons and daughters that trekked into military camps in Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Angola and Tanzania.

The merciless bombings of innocent civilians in refugee camps in Zambia and Mozambique will forever be a painful part of our national history. Lest we forget.

Today, the Kamungoma Massacre is testimony of the extent to which the settler regime wanted to hold on to the governance space and architecture of our country, including pillaging our God-given resources.

‘Isu vana vaMunhumutapa takaramba zvekudzvanyirirwa.’

We are forever grateful to communities, whose political consciousness, clarity of vision and resolve saw us dismantle the white settler regime.

I commend, vana Chimbwido nana Mujibha vedu, who bravely and courageously undertook dangerous missions, including the task of reconnaissance and intelligence gathering to aid our war effort. Ndinokutendai mose.

The 14th of May 1978, remains a dark day in our country’s history as 104 innocent and unarmed civilians, as well as one guerrilla fighter, were killed.

On that fateful day, the liberation war fighters as ‘the fish’ and the people ‘as water’, were at a pungwe drumming up the support and solidarity of communities as well as instilling hope for the imminent freedom, independence and liberation from colonial oppression.

The indiscriminate attack saw teenagers and women, some being breastfeeding mothers, lose their precious lives.

The deceased were buried in shallow mass graves. Many survivors of the callous attack still carry with them the trauma, memories, wounds and pain.

These are the experiences that made us a free people and nation; a sovereign state in the comity of nations. We will never forget. Present generations are challenged to bring forward their knowledge and expertise, in whatever form, towards advancing our national development agenda right from the individual level.

I urge schools and universities, including our general citizenry, to take a keen interest in visiting such important places for a greater appreciation of our liberation war heritage.

We are a resilient people, ever prepared to defend and protect our country.

This spirit must never die. Yester-year we took up arms, today we are building our country in unity, brick by brick and stone upon stone, strengthened by the knowledge that Nyika inovakwa, inotongwa, inonamatigwa nevene vayo/ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe, likhulekelwe ngabanikazi balo.

On Tribalism

We are one people, with one national flag and one national anthem. All of us belong to this beloved country.

Let us say no to regionalism, tribalism and all forms of divisions. This independence was realised because of the unity among our people. Let us protect it.

On El-Nino induced drought

Following the El Nino induced drought, which has led to a poor harvest, yesterday I declared a National State of Disaster.

I once again assure the people of our great motherland, Zimbabwe, that no one will die of hunger. In the days of our liberation struggle, we united against all odds to defeat the colonial regime.

With these remarks, it is now my singular honour and privilege to officially unveil the Kamungoma Liberation War Shrine.

God bless you all God bless Zimbabwe.

I thank you.