Apostle Chiwenga Impregnates 3 Church Congregants
17 April 2024
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….Someone will collapse right here on the pulpit and die while singing, and we will go and bury them immediately without delay. By the way people who die because of curses should not be buried the proper way; we shouldn’t conduct a funeral, when someone is cursed by God, and he dies, and if you have behaved like this and you are in the praise department, you must be warned you must repent and you must mend your ways before God


By Dorrothy Moyo | The church preacher Talent Chiwenga has impregnated a third woman he has since been forced to marry, it has emerged.



Chiwenga is due to marry his latest girlfriend in the first week of May.




The second woman was impregnated in 2019(see interview), and the third one is the one he has been forced to marry.




“The child’s father confronted him, telling him that he will land on him if he does not cover the shame of pregnancy his daughter now carries that’s why he is wedding in May,” an impeccable church source told ZimEye.




The young woman (name withheld) was a virgin before being deflowered by him, according to her father.







Chiwenga is still to comment over the development which has been confirmed by his church senior leadership. THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY.

The development comes at a time he has been accused of sacrificing people by his mother in law, the preacher Talent Chiwenga announces imminent death of a male congregant who he instructs his church to bury the (name redacted) member the way the arrested Nyabira, Madzibaba Ishmael is under trial for.

Chiwenga speaks in full saying:

“The house of worship is a place where people don’t come without looking at their state of holiness. If your state of holiness is not important to you, you are not the right person to come to the place of worship. People look at themselves before they take a bath, I am going to the place of worship. You must know what God accepts and what God does not accept.

Talent Chiwenga

“Right now, I am going to give you a prophecy huh? I want to give you. I want to give you two prophecies.

“The other ones I heard it last night, the Lord spoke to me last night, and I have to say it; a very sad prophecy but I hope we can pray and God will help us so that we can get a reprieve on that prophecy, I saw us as a church losing a believer that is known by most people in the church and not being able to recover his body.

“We do not want to see that happening. We know that death will come to all of us and that we are not meant to live in this world forever, but it will be a very painful situation for one of our people to disappear and not be accounted for because the family of this person’s life. His family will not be will not find closure and also seeing the body will give us an understanding of what happened, and took his life, so I don’t know when it is going to happen. I don’t know who it is. I am very honest I don’t know who it is, but, I don’t hear things that don’t happen. I’m sure you know that we don’t want to see a situation where we lose one of our people and not find his body -where people say he was last seen going that way maybe he was attacked by robbers what happened to him? What happened to him? You can’t find his body after looking and looking and looking, we can’t find his body, so I want us to pray in your own personal space and time to pray that we may not, we may find the body of this person.

“What we can change is his dates. His dates to go are unchangeable. But what we can change what God can give us grace on is to recover his body. Yes, that’s, that’s what I want to talk about, but there is also a warning that I want to give and I hope we observe this warning very carefully. The Lord said we must continue to emphasise the need for people who we have in the house to fear God and we haven’t had a very good experience so far with people that are in the praise team.

“We have always had people who join our praise team and they misbehave they live alive that is ungodly and some of them. We are embarrassed by what they have done because we can’t have a situation where a married person who is in the praise team is found to have dated another married person or another woman and abandoned his family.

“We don’t expect that and we are going to institute and implement a lot of rigorous measures to vet people who join our praise team; and all over the world, Jesus revelation ministries, our regional coordinators and leaders must implement measures to sit down and vet and interview people who are going to join even our assembly praise team, people who sing in the church play a very very important role.

“To a greater extent they are the image of the church singing is as spiritual ministry, which requires purity for it to be acceptable unto God. And we want to make you understand that when you miss-step in your walk of faith, be quick to approach those who must guide you to your recovery, we don’t want to see girls and boys joining the praise team and coming from fornication to come before the pulpit and sing for us, we don’t accept that it is acceptable and what I am warning is that we are going to have one of them dying on the pulpit; we are going to bury someone from the pulpit because of this, it is going to bring a curse if you think that God cannot do that dare him.

“I will be here if I’m not here, those will be alive will testify. Someone will collapse right here on the pulpit and die while singing, and we will just go and bury them immediately without delay. By the way people who die because of curses should not be buried the proper way; we shouldn’t conduct a funeral, when someone is cursed by God, and he dies, and if you have behaved like this and you are in the praise department, you must be warned you must repent and you must mend your ways before God. Don’t be filthy and pretend to be fine.

“We may love your voice, but God is more interested in your character than your voice. Your voice is useless to us if you can’t keep a character of holiness in the house of God, there is nothing more painful than leaving a service so that we can go and bury you but what we will see is that God will take us through to get you bed if that person collapses and dies we will just take them and go and bury them on the very same day.

“The person will be buried on that day, if we discover that we will have a problem with their relative, we will go and put the body in the mortuary and to those who have done this.

“Some of them have come to me and you can testify that ever since you came into the praise and you were singing and you were singing while you were living at filthy life. You can tell that you already had a curse. You can tell that things are not going very well for you.

“Pray that God may take that curse from you, I don’t curse people I did not say that I curse you I am telling you what brings a curse on your life you understand don’t take these things lightly


By A Correspondent | ‘Apostle’ Talent Chiwenga, has had his integrity questioned after altering his stance on several sermons regarding infidelity in marriage.

Chiwenga who has deleted some of his videos now preaches that wives must allow another woman to coexist with them inside the same home. 

In 2019, Chiwenga advocated against the pursuit of having male offspring, stating, “If you have daughters, be content, and thank God for the children you have. No child is less of a child.” (VIDEO BELOW STORY CONTINUES) 

However, by February 2024, his position shifted dramatically, now advocating for men to take a second wife specifically to father sons. He argued, “A woman who hasn’t borne a son owes her husband. Hence, if she fails to produce a son after three or four attempts, she shouldn’t complain if her husband seeks another wife for this purpose.”

He further explained, “The new wife isn’t your enemy but a helper, as you’ve failed in your duty, and your husband is merely seeking assistance. Being a wife in God’s eyes isn’t about physical appearance.”

This recent message starkly contrasts his earlier teachings. At one point, he critiqued the obsession with fathering a son to carry on the family name, asking, “Why the fixation on a male heir? Was Jesus, who left no children, mistaken in focusing on his heavenly father’s legacy? Pursuing a son could result in numerous daughters, all while missing the point of legacy and value in all children.”

This is Talent Chiwenga’s secret girlfriend, Tariro Mafuka (left) he secretly married in 2015, over 4yrs before the 120km per hr speed rush accident in the Masvingo-Mvuma strip rd that killed his wife, Rejoice (right). He says uniformed CIO’s have crossed the Limpopo into SA to kill him

The preacher Talent Chiwenga announces that it is okay to bed ones brother’s widow, without marrying her (video below). LIVE DISCUSSION COMING UP SUNDAY 5PM-60M UK TIME (HOWARD NYONI)

7 Months Running (review)

ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON 15 SEPT 2021 “If we thought it’s not possible for a person to sacrifice his wife for powers so their church grows, that’s what Chiwenga did. If he wants to deny that, I’ll download everything that’s happened in his face,” Talent Chiwenga’s mother in law alleged as the accused defended self saying,” God will vindicate me.”

The damning allegations were made early 2021 and have seen the preacher respond saying God will vindicate him, and then threatening her to retract the statement failure which he will institute legal action within 4 weeks. What happened after the mother in law defied the threats and continued boldly speaking?

When ‘Apostle’ Talent Chiwenga was challenged concerning alleged adultery by his own mother in law, he unleashed lawyers using fake threats after his late wife’s mother, and a ZimEye columnist, Howard Nyoni, the legal summons which are below…

the papers served against Talent Chiwenga’s mother in law

The last page of the legal threat to Talent Chiwenga’s mother in law.


His mother in law had revealed a string of young girls, Talent CHIWENGA has impregnated across Zimbabwe [DISCUSSION LINK]

as also revealed by Howard Nyoni, shortly before CHIWENGA deployed a British ‘Law firm’, through summons which claimed Nyoni is a former church adherent who is now disgruntled. (Nyoni is a veteran analyst who for years has participated in successful prosecution of church sex predators in UK and Zimbabwe),

Talent Chiwenga also began claiming Howard Nyoni is a disgruntled former member of his cult, JRM- Jesus Revelation Ministries, when such a thing has never happened. Nyoni was a panelist in a news discussion with Chiwenga in Nov 2017, during the times Talent Chiwenga was seeking publicity through the news network.

Page 1 of the legal threats against Howard Nyoni


Part of the legal threats against Mr. Howard Nyoni

One of the young girls Talent Chiwenga raped is his own wife’s younger sister, Tariro Mafuka (+27 62 583 1***, we release the number as there is a criminal investigation for murder), he later secretly married more than 3 years before the accident that killed his wife, Rejoice. He would after that date, secretly drive her back to Zimbabwe from South Africa where she has been since the secret marriage, years before.

Sought for a comment over the last 3 years, Talent Chiwenga has declined responding only to resort to video streams on his church portal where he has constantly avoided the issue of his sex attacks against women and his overspeeding in Masvingo road which killed his wife, Rejoice.

In his first accident, in which he has accused Emmerson Mnangagwa, he was rescued by a top notorious ZANU PF he calls a good Samaritan, Mr Seviyas Piki, and in the 2nd one, he was rescued by an unnamed driver in a white vehicle that quickly whisked him away from the accident scene.

Meanwhile, Chiwenga says he has suffered assassination attempts in the last two accidents which have happened between 2019 and 2020.

In his own words, Talent Chiwenga says he was overspeeding for no valid reason when his wife was killedin the Masvingo-Mvuma road VIDEO, FULL TEXT

The below is a full compilation of Talent Chiwenga’s own words between June and November 2019 speaking on LIVE camera giving details on his allegations.

In his own video, recorded inside hospital less than a day after the accident, the preacher loudly says that he was speeding (in a 60km speed limit zone) at 120 kmeters per hour and he even wanted to accelerate beyond 120km for no other reason other than to rush to Harare and purchase a new fan belt for his car. No one was chasing after him. He then collided with an oncoming haulage truck and three people died as a result of the collision (accident video below).

Speaking during a church service, Talent Chiwenga said, ” I had a friend in Eugene Kanyuchi. I am sure many of you you know him. He served me in the work of Christ in the protocol department. And I had Mai Vhurumuko, and I think you all know her, you all knew her. VIDEO ( The story continues below)…


“I faced death with those 2 people for as long as they were in the ministry. A week before we drove to South Africa I sat down with both of them and I said to them- you are following me everywhere I am going, I am in danger because in those three weeks before the accident we had a lot of incidents where death threats continued to come.

“I am sure you still remember at First Street when there was a message that came: run away they are going to come to kill you. And I said I am not going to run. Because I cannot run away from death death is something that nobody can run away from. So I sat with her husband and Mai Vhurumuku, and Baba Vhurumuku is not here, he works outside the country, and I told them there is death that is imminent; we knew about it it, we wrote a letter to president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“And I told them that I was going to deliver that letter. The two of them, they volunteered to go with me, and I said if I don’t come back what happens to you?

“They said we will then not come back all of us. Vari vaviri, Baba Kanyuchi naMai Vhurumuku, ndaiti ndakavaudza kuti Vhangeri iyi ine vavengi vakawanda, ichasvika panguva yekuti tichafanirwa kuifira, vaiti, ” we are ready to die for the gospel.”

“Hapana anga aine rwendo rwekuenda kuSouth Africa pahu two hwavo. They volunteered to go with me. Three times in South Africa Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I saw a vision somebody was pointing a gun at me and I was being shot. And I was dying in that vision and then I was seeing myself dying when I was standing on the other side, and I told Baba Kanyuchi, I told Mai Chiwenga, this is what is going to happen, I am not comfortable something is about to happen. And they said let the will of the lord prevail.

“Our greatest challenge is when that time comes in our lives are we going to be holding our faith like they did? That is why we cannot count their departure, as a loss, it is not them that lost, it is us who lost. We lost an opportunity to go in good time, murikundinzwa here vadikani? Takashaiwa mukana wekuenda, zvichakanaka. So I just want to remind you that the people that do not believe do not understand their level, their carnal level, their corruptible level, their crooked level, we know what you are aiming for, we know the Lord, we know the Lord is coming. We know we shall be vindicated. We know we shall be justified. We know the gospel is going to go on. We know nobody is going to stop the gospel. We know nothing is going to stop the gospel.

“Not even the murderers, not even the politicians. Not even the CIO, not even the army, they will not stop this gospel. They can kill me today but they can’t kill the gospel.

“Tell your neighbour: they can kill me today but they can’t kill the gospel. The gospel cannot be killed because not even a bullet can reach close to the gospel. It is spiritual it is not physical.

“The AK47 kana CZ Pistol, inogona kuuraya nyama, asi mweya haigone kuuraya. So we just want to observe a moment of silence, but I want us us to first of all read this whole passage, in Phillipians chapter 1, let me read it up to verse 30. And then we observed a moment of silence to remind ourselves that there is a burden that lies squarely on our shoulders, to uphold the faith and to the very end, like our comrades did. They are our comrades, they are our heroes. They are heroes of faith, they stood firm for the gospel, and we have got to do the same. If we walk away from the faith, we are disappointing them. Hallelujah, Jesus is counting on us to stand firm unto the very end. For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

What happened after the mother in law defied the threats and continued boldly speaking? Nothing happened to her, and the legal papers were never actioned.