BREAKING: Apostle Chiwenga Fires His Own Personal Aide After Talent’s Exposed Over Adultery Scandals
20 April 2024
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Apostle Talent Chiwenga Dismisses Longtime Aide Amid Deepening Church Scandals

By Dorrothy Moyo | Apostle Talent Chiwenga, the head of Jesus Revelation Ministries, has dismissed his long-serving personal aide, Brother Edmore Marange. The announcement comes amidst a series of controversial accusations against Chiwenga, including multiple instances of adultery and provocative teachings that challenge traditional Christian marital norms.

Public Notice and Dismissal
According to a public notice titled “PUBLIC NOTICE 1 OF 2024” released by the church, “Brother Edmore Marange is no longer a pastor and a member of Jesus Revelation Ministries.” The statement elaborates on the reasons behind this drastic action: “Brother Edmore Marange… started to conduct himself strangely and to pursue personal endeavors that are inconsistent with sound doctrine, the practice of faith, and the devotions of a shepherd of Jesus’ sheep, which He purchased with His precious blood.”

In a statement to the press, a church spokesperson added, “We wish Brother Marange well in the life he has decided to live, but our paths in the service of the Lord can no longer align.”

Scandals and Controversial Teachings
The dismissal coincides with a tumultuous period in Chiwenga’s ministry, marked by his controversial teachings and personal scandals. Chiwenga has been at the center of accusations involving sexual misconduct with several women from his congregation over the past decade. One particularly disturbing allegation involves a young woman, reportedly a virgin before her encounter with Chiwenga, according to her father’s testimony to local media.

Apostle Chiwenga’s teachings have also veered into contentious territory, with recent sermons advocating for polygamy and threesomes within Christian marriages. “A woman who hasn’t borne a son owes her husband. Hence, if she fails to produce a son after three or four attempts, she shouldn’t complain if her husband seeks another wife for this purpose,” Chiwenga explained in a recent sermon, defending his stance as a biblical interpretation meant to ensure familial legacy.

The church community and religious observers have reacted strongly to both the dismissal and Chiwenga’s personal scandals. In an interview, a former church member expressed disappointment and concern: “What we once held sacred is now being questioned at every turn. It’s not just about one man; it’s about the spiritual well-being of all his followers.”

Critics argue that Chiwenga’s actions and teachings could fundamentally alter the fabric of his congregation’s faith. “This isn’t just a deviation; it’s a complete overhaul of what many of us believed were core Christian values,” commented a religious studies professor from a local university.

Legal and Family Drama.
Chiwenga’s personal life has also been fraught with legal threats and family disputes. Earlier allegations by his mother-in-law, claiming that he sacrificed his wife for church growth, were met with legal pushback from Chiwenga. However, the case has seen little progression in court.

As Apostle Talent Chiwenga continues to navigate these turbulent waters, the future of Jesus Revelation Ministries hangs in balance. With the congregation reeling from the recent dismissal and the public grappling with Chiwenga’s controversial doctrines, the coming months are likely to be decisive for the preacher and his ministry.