Chivhayo Reveals Wealth Rituals
20 April 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- Zanu PF apologist and controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo says he is “gifting” celebrities with luxurious cars to seed his wealth.

Chivhayo told a private daily newspaper that he is donating to fulfil a prophecy that he will become Zimbabwe’s first billionaire under the age of 45.

The Zanu PF apologist who is fronting the ruling party’s new 2028 election campaign project is being used by the party to donate flashy cars to well-known musicians and celebrities.

Zanu PF will force these celebrities it is bribing with cars through Chivhayo to endorse Emerson Mnangagwa in the 2028 elections.

“Inini ndinochengetwa netsanaguro dzekuMasowe. I have received a number of prophecies over my life and one which stands out is that I am going to be a billionaire,” he said.
“Ndakanorara mugomo kwaMurehwa praying for the fulfilment of this prophecy and it is coming to pass. I was, however, strictly advised nemweya kuti ndisazofa ndakasiya kubetsera vanhu. So I will never stop helping people as this will also open my blessings in becoming the youngest billionaire in Zimbabwe.”
He added: “I look forward to another interview very soon when I become the first billionaire in Zimbabwe under the age of 45.”
The Zanu PF party apologist, who can be rather aggressive online, disclosed that the money he lavishes on others from his own resources and the assistance won’t empty his fat wallet.
“So it is from my personal savings and other earnings that I can choose to be generous and undertake various charitable work. What I have been blessed with to this day is not of my own abilities, but by the grace of God. Blessing other people through what I have been given by God can never deplete or dent my pocket.
“Showing love is like sowing seeds in a field. You reap a hundred-fold when the field eventually bears fruit. So long as ndichipfeka nguwo chena, Baba Johane varinyenyedzi yangu, handichoboke, hazviite,” he added.
Chivayo said being a public figure comes with a fair share of complications, disclosing that he can hardly walk in town without attracting a crowd or without random fans asking for money or cars.
He, however, said apart from some people praising him for his good deeds, others have the habit of antagonising him or hurling insults on social media on the pretext of unfounded allegations.
“I have over the years developed a thick skin, semughetto boy wekuChitungwiza and I am not affected at all by pejorative reactions to my public standing,” Chivayo said.
While there have been flashy businesspeople who like showing off their money throughout the years, such as Philip Chiyangwa, Passion Java and Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Chivayo popularly known as Sir Wicknell, seems to have raised the bar higher.
Last month, he increased the stakes by purchasing a brand-new S500 Mercedes-Benz for musician Jah Prayzah, which was reportedly valued at US$180 000.
Hardly a week had passed since his first act of kindness when he made another move and this time purchased Suluman Chimbetu a brand-new 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE 300, which is expected to fetch US$140 000.
He also shelled US$155 000 on a Mercedes-Benz GLE400d for musician Sandra Ndebele.
The court of public opinion initially discounted these gestures as mere publicity gimmicks.
But the man seems undaunted.
Critics say Chivayo could have used the money to turn around the health sector which is in shambles, but he believes people are sent for different missions and one has to do what his heart tells him to do.
He has also donated US$1 million to the Zion Christian Church which is well-known for its developmental projects around the country.
The church has over the years built schools, dams and constructed roads in their area of operations, which pushed Chivayo to add a “token of appreciation” to help the church continue with the projects.