USD66,000 Stolen
20 April 2024
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Robbery Spree in Harare Results in Over $66,000 Stolen from Local Businesses

Two companies fell victim to brutal robberies that cumulatively resulted in a staggering loss of over US$66,000 and R71,000. The incidents involved a total of 12 armed assailants who executed their crimes with chilling precision earlier this week.

According to Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the National Police spokesperson, one of the robberies took place at a business situated along Seke Road. “This was a highly orchestrated attack. The robbers, armed with pistols, assaulted the security guard on duty, incapacitated the building’s security systems, and forcibly entered the premises,” Nyathi reported. The assailants made off with US$56,377 and R71,000, alongside other valuables including a laptop and a Samsung tablet.

A mere three days later, a second heist occurred at a wholesale outlet in Chitungwiza. “Another group of six perpetrators, also armed and using explosives, breached a safe at the wholesale, extracting US$10,507,” explained Nyathi. These crimes highlight a disturbing trend of increasing violence and sophistication among criminal gangs in the area.

The Harare police are urgently requesting information from the public to aid in their investigation. “We are dealing with a highly organized criminal network, evidenced by the use of firearms and explosives. Community cooperation is crucial in apprehending these criminals,” Nyathi emphasized.

These incidents come in the wake of recent arrests connected to a series of armed robberies, including the infamous US$145,000 heist from J and P Security in 2022. The police have made significant progress in these cases, recovering multiple firearms and arresting nine suspects.

The community remains on high alert as investigations continue, and police work tirelessly to bring these culprits to justice. This recent upsurge in violent crime is a stark reminder of the challenges that law enforcement faces, and the ongoing threat to public safety.- Agencies