Another Woman Claims Impregnated By Tuku
10 May 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter – Rosie Makumbe, a local woman, has come forward with claims that the late music icon Oliver Mtukudzi is the father of her child.

In her revelation, Makumbe, aged 69, points to the lyrics of Tuku’s hit song “Hazvireve Rudo Handina,” where she believes the late megastar refers to “our son Aaron.”

Recalling their past, Makumbe asserts that Mtukudzi was the love of her life, and the memories of their time together remain vivid in her mind.

In an interview with H-Metro, Makumbe revealed that Tuku’s influence on her was so profound that she chose not to engage in any other romantic relationships after their affair ended, resulting in her having only one child.

Makumbe also disclosed her familial connection to Jack Sadza, Tuku’s late friend and manager, whose tragic death inspired one of Tuku’s greatest hits, “Jeri.”

Expressing her only remaining battle, Makumbe emphasized her determination to secure the necessary documentation proving her son’s lineage to the Samanyanga clan, urging Tuku’s relatives to assist in this endeavour.

Aaron, born in 1979, shares his alleged father’s passion for music, adding another layer to Makumbe’s claims.

Recounting her relationship with the legendary musician, Makumbe reminisced about their romantic escapades and the fond memories they shared, including Tuku’s gestures of affection and support.

Despite her efforts to involve Tuku in the process of obtaining a birth certificate for Aaron during his lifetime, Makumbe revealed challenges, with Tuku citing busyness as a barrier.

She recounted Tuku’s desire to impart musical skills to their son and his attempts to facilitate Aaron’s learning under the guidance of musician Alick Macheso.

However, Makumbe lamented that these plans were interrupted due to personal tragedies, including the illness and subsequent death of Aaron’s wife.

As Makumbe continues her quest to establish her son’s lineage, her claims add another chapter to the complex legacy of the late Oliver Mtukudzi.