Madam Boss’ Hubby Flying Out
10 May 2024
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Ngoni Munetsiwa, Husband of Madam Boss, Announces Departure from Zimbabwe After Vandalism

Harare, Zimbabwe- By Showbiz Reporter | ZimEye | In an unexpected development, Ngoni Munetsiwa, husband to the renowned Zimbabwean entertainer Tyra-Tarisai Chikoko, known as Madam Boss, has revealed plans to leave Zimbabwe. The announcement was made during a car ride in the capital on Friday, following a recent incident where Madam Boss’s car was vandalized.

During the drive, Munetsiwa expressed his confidence in his wife’s ability to handle adversity on her own. “I’m no longer afraid of leaving you, my wife, alone. I’ve got confidence in you. Because I trained you well. Other things you acquired from experience,” he said, praising her resilience and independence. He added, “You are well trained, and you cannot be forced to do anything. That is why I stood by you, helping you from behind, in the background for you to be strong.”

Munetsiwa’s decision to leave Zimbabwe seems tied to the criticism he has faced just as Mai Titi offloaded several days of death threats right up to the vandalism incident, which had prompted a flurry of public and media speculation on the identity of the unnamed assailants.

“Guys, I am leaving Zimbabwe. I’m going somewhere soon,” he announced, indicating that his departure was imminent. His speech included philosophical reflections on public perception and criticism, likening their situation to the biblical story of Job, who withstood severe trials.

This reference was a veiled swipe at Mai Titi (Felistas Murata), a competitor of Madam Boss, who spent the last week claiming that Munetsiwa could no longer travel abroad. By invoking the story of Job, Munetsiwa seemed to counter these allegations, emphasizing resilience in the face of adversity.

Mai Titi was also hurling death threats on the family.

In response to her husband’s announcement, Madam Boss thanked her in-laws for their role in shaping a wise and supportive partner. This expression of gratitude came during a discussion where the couple addressed their current challenges and future directions.

The decision for Munetsiwa to leave the country also serves as a pointed rebuttal to Mai Titi’s claims about his so called travel restrictions. By moving abroad, Munetsiwa directly challenges these assertions, underlining his ability to travel freely and manage his own affairs independently of the controversies surrounding them. This move may well reset public and media narratives, shifting focus back to his autonomy and resilience amidst ongoing personal challenges. Fans and commentators within the Zimbabwean entertainment scene are closely watching the unfolding events, awaiting further updates as the couple maneuvers through this challenging time.- ZimEye