Java Fails To Out-Class Makandiwa
12 May 2024
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By Religion Reporter- Controversial preacher and Zanu PF apologist Passion Java has failed to beat his rival, Emmanuel Makandiwa, by filling Harare’s National Sports Stadium (NSS).

Java had vowed that he would quit preaching if he failed to fill the 60,000-seater NSS. 

He failed to fill the giant stadium despite being assisted in mobilising by Zanu PF.

Among the current breed of charismatic preachers, only Makandiwa, the United Family International Church (UFIC) founder, has managed to fill the stadium thrice under his Judgment Night series.

Makandiwa’s judgement Night 2 held at the NSS on April 19, 2014 attracted over 100 000 congregants.

The Judgment Night 3 held, on August 29,  2015, was also over-subscribed.

Java’s event dubbed the Night of Wonders, which was held last Thursday was seen as a direct challenge to the UFIC preacher. The event became a haven for jokes with Zimbabweans on social media daring him to live up to his threats to stop preaching.

On the other hand, known Zanu PF apologists, Energy Mutodi and Kudzai Mtisi tried to spin the story by using pictures from Makandiwa’s Judgement Night 3 event to claim that Java indeed filled the stadium.

Ahead of the event, Java had sponsored many adverts, mainly on government-owned Zupco buses and state-controlled media outlets.

 Zanu PF Harare zone coordinator Joshua Gore issued a directive to district chairpersons to coordinate the ruling party supporters to attend the event.

Buses were organised to ferry Zanu PF supporters from the country’s 10 provinces to attend the event, but many were seen arriving at the venue with a handful of people.

Java, who also launched a tirade against Makandiwa ahead of the event, also used social media to advertise the event. He attacked the UFIC founder for preaching against church leaders that abuse women.

“Whether you have HIV, you need money, or you have a broken leg, come to Night of Wonders,” read  one of his Facebook posts aimed at attracting people to the event.

A Harare-based church leader said he was surprised by Zanu PF active support for Java.

“What’s surprising for independent onlookers, is the extent to which Zanu PF structures in Harare got involved in mobilising pilgrims to Passion Java’s so-called Night of Wonders, said the church leader.

“Isn’t it the norm that political parties hunt for supporters from churches that have huge followings?

“We have seen President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa and his commissariat team attending church services by religious leaders with huge followings like Bishop Mtendi, Noah Taguta and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

 “What boggles the mind is why Zanu PF was so desperate to prop up a visibly failing religious leader like Passion Java by forcing its members to attend his service at the National Sports Stadium.

“What was in it for Zanu PF? Are they trying to build a religious leader from a clown that is Passion Java, and what does that say about Zanu-PF and its leadership?” retorted the apostolic leader.