Bush Toilets In Mnangagwa’s Hometown
14 May 2024
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By Municipal Reporter- Individuals conducting business within Kwekwe’s Central Business District have resorted to using bushes as toilets due to the city’s failure to maintain public facilities.

Kwekwe happens to be the hometown of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose farm lies less than 50 kilometres away from the city.

Similar conditions prevail at the Farmers Market in Mbizo 2.

This issue sparked heated discussions during a full council meeting last week, with councillors questioning management’s inaction regarding the dysfunctional and blocked public toilets in Kwekwe, which pose a severe health risk as residents resort to using the surrounding bushes.

Responding to public outcry, Ncube promptly instructed the council to promptly address the problems.

Councillor Siziwe Ncube expressed concern during the meeting, stating, “What is delaying the process of having functional public toilets? Because as it is, we are not safe.”

Mayor Albert Zinhanga urged management to thoroughly inspect all public toilets and undertake necessary repairs.

Town clerk Dr Lucia Mkandhla emphasized the urgency of the matter, stating, “This is an urgent matter, the situation is unacceptable because we have dedicated plumbers for the job, and we need to know why there is no progress.”

Engineer John Mhike, Director of Works, informed the council that his department needed to be made aware that the materials required for the repairs had been procured. 

He stated, “I am hearing it now that the materials were procured because we could not do anything without the necessary materials.”

In a gesture of support, one councillor, Dr. Solomon Matsa, offered a piece of his land for the construction of toilets in the CBD.

-Masvingo Mirror.