Mudha Unleashes Zanu PF Youths On Sikhala, Ostallos
25 May 2024
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By A Correspondent| Midlands Provincial minister Owen Mudha Ncube has unleashed Zanu PF youths on former legislators Job Sikhala and Gift Ostallos Siziba.

In a video circulating on social media, Mudha is heard saying Zanu PF youth must not allow Sikhala and Siziba to say whatever they want while they fold their hands.

“Youth ndimi vanguard ye party, munofanira ku defender musangano ne leadership, hamusingasiye Job Sikhala achitaura zvaanoda, hamungasiye Ostallos achitaura zvaanoda imi makapeta maoko,” said Mudha.

(Our youths you are the vanguard of the party, you must defend the party and the leadership, you can’t allow Job Sikhala and Gift Ostallos Siziba to say what they want while you fold hands).

Mudha is known as a violent man especially in the Midlands province where he for some time operated a militia group called Al Shabab which terrorised opposition members during elections.

Responding to Mudha, Pashor Sibanda said; “It’s high time this gang is reminded they don’t hold a monopoly over anything. Zimbabwe belongs to all of us. This time, we’ll meet them head on at every level.”