ZiG Triggers Mayhem For Consumers
26 May 2024
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By A Correspondent

Zimbabwe’s recent currency changes have placed consumers in a difficult position, leading to widespread exploitation by retailers and service providers.

This alarming situation was highlighted by Norton MP Richard Tsvangirai during a heated parliamentary debate on Thursday.

“Currently, consumers are being overcharged by service providers.

For instance, the combi fare, which used to be 50 cents, has now increased to US$1,” emphasized Honorable Tsvangirai.

His comments reflect the broader economic distress facing many Zimbabweans as prices for essential goods and services soar.

The introduction of Zimbabwe’s new currency was intended to stabilize the economy, but instead, it has led to significant price hikes, exacerbating the financial burden on ordinary citizens.

Tsvangirai’s remarks in parliament underscore the urgent need for regulatory intervention to protect consumers from unscrupulous practices by businesses taking advantage of the currency transition.

As the cost of living continues to rise, the pressure on the government to address these issues grows.

Tsvangirai’s call to action highlights the critical need for measures that can mitigate the adverse effects of the new currency on Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable populations.