Govt Raises Minimum Age for Kombis, Buses to 30
29 May 2024
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By Farai D Hove | ZimEye |In a significant move to combat the rising number of traffic accidents and fatalities, the Government has announced plans to raise the minimum age for bus and kombi drivers to 30. This new regulation is aimed at ensuring that only mature and experienced drivers are operating public service vehicles.

The decision comes in response to alarming statistics showing over 2,000 road traffic accident-related deaths annually, with reckless driving being the primary culprit. By increasing the age limit, the Government hopes to enhance road safety by placing more experienced drivers behind the wheel.

During a Question and Answer session in the Senate last Thursday, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development, Felix Mhona, revealed that the Ministry is actively working on synchronizing the age limit for public service vehicle drivers.

“I am sure the legal department in my Ministry is working with the Attorney General in that regard and we are saying for public vehicles, we were sticking to 25 years and we are now advocating to increase,” said Mhona.

The proposed change marks a shift from the current minimum age of 25, reflecting a strategic approach to addressing the root causes of traffic incidents. The Government’s initiative underscores its commitment to improving road safety and reducing the human and economic toll of traffic accidents.

Further details on the implementation timeline and any transitional provisions for current drivers are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.