Zanu PF Angrily Responds To Advocate Chamisa Statement : Full Text
29 May 2024
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Source :Operation Restore Legacy

I strongly feel that statement by Nelson Chamisa is in response to the media reports that President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and the Welshman-led CCC are having dialogue in the background.

Chamisa has always wanted to be part of the dialogue from day one.

But now he cant be part to it since he resigned from the CCC, the party that sponsored his candidature in the August 2023 elections and that can only be done by those actually or purporting to be leading the CCC.

He knows that he lost the plot and cant stomach it that whatever is going to agreed on will be done without him being involved.

He realised it very late that he misfired by prematurely resigning from the CCC being the reason why his people like Timba are still claiming to the leaders of CCC
Infact some insiders say that there were proposals to reinstate Chamisa as the CCC leader so that he has locus standi to demand involvement in the said engagements going on in the background.

Therefore this statement seems to be an attempt to take himself in through the backdoor given that he was the CCC Presidential candidate.