New Mineral Smuggling And Narco Republic
1 June 2024
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By Dr. Raymond Chamba | Drug dealing cartels have infiltrated the highest echelons of our nation. Indians, Arabs, the local political elite, and the usual suspects are all entangled in this nefarious network. Even the airport VIP lounges have become complicit.

The offspring of celebrated politicians, members of security agencies, airline ticket agencies, and small airlines are all part of extensive smuggling rings that reach the top levels of society. The syndicates have even managed to issue title deeds to state land without a single penny reaching the treasury.

Those who received “free wheels” are being coerced into using them as logistical platforms for the distribution of all manner of illicit substances. As President Mugabe once reminded Namibians at their independence, “There is no free lunch, there has never been any free lunch, and there should never be any free lunch.”

Dr Raymond Chamba

The outlets for consumer access are varied and pervasive, including bars, nightclubs, churches, political rallies, hotels, gochi gochi joints, and sex parties. The once-great nation of Dzimbahwe is slowly transforming into a massive hub for gold, diamonds, drugs, and human trafficking, creating a deep tapestry of blackmail, extortion, and illegal contracting.

The crude and misdirected jokes you hear publicly directed at innocent citizens make you wonder what has gone into the minds of the old and supposedly wise. One possible explanation is that they are high on their own supply, with dementia adding to the toxic cocktail.

…outlets for consumer access says Raymond Chamba

We can discuss ideology all we want, but the danger is that our nation is slowly descending into a kleptocratic, smuggling, narco-Republic where most decent, professional, and high-placed people are caught in the web of newfound “easy money” schemes.

Whole generations of young people and professionals are being drawn into the vicious cycle of drug and political abuse. Something must change, and quickly, before we lose any semblance of a unitary nation-state under general principles of law and order. Some may find my observations sensational or alarming, but the reality is far more dire and grim.

Zinwamhanga Gara Pasi.
You are not Munhumutapa. Do not trouble yourself by sending people to Guruuswa.

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Dr. Raymond Chamba