Ostallos Speaks On SA Polls
5 June 2024
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Adios Azania.

Have spent a week in South Africa observing what will go down in history as a transparent, free, and fair electoral process.

The IEC demonstrated not just the capacity to conduct a free and fair process but also the ability to effectively use technology to both for the process and for keeping the public timeously informed.

We started with attending a pre-election conference where the electoral body hosted electoral experts, national commissions and acamedics from all over the world.

They clearly had nothing to hide:

Political parties campaigned freely.

No politically motivated arrests, no banning of rallies:

A timely and accurate breakdown and communication of the results in real-time.

An election is about respecting the will of the people.

South Africans have confidence in their systems- those in charge hold public office with the utmost humility and professionalism.

Congratulations Azania- a good milestone on her 30 years of democratic self determination.