ZANU PF Socialite Patricia Jeke’s Home Stormed By Unknown Men Again
5 June 2024
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By Investigations Correspondent | ZimEye | Harare, June 5, 2024 – In an unusual incident, the home of Patricia Jeke, a prominent ZANU PF socialite, was hit by a mysterious visit from unknown male individuals. The event occurred earlier today when several men arrived in white pickup trucks and entered the residence, demanding to know where Jeke sleeps inside the building.

Patricia Jeke herself disclosed the unsettling details of the visit, expressing her confusion and frustration. “I am coming from court right now,” she recounted. “They came in two vehicles, white pickup trucks, to the house where I live. The men who came out of the cars went into the building and started demanding to know where Patricia sleeps. They started harassing people who live here. Now I am speechless. I am clueless. I am pissed off.”

The visit, confirmed by the owners has left the occupants of the house shaken. According to Jeke, the visitors were adamant in their inquiry to locate her, creating an atmosphere of unease and intimidation. “When on earth has a court hearing been held in Epworth?” Jeke questioned, highlighting the unusual nature of the incident. “They told me to go to Epworth.”

The purpose behind the visit remains unclear, and there is widespread speculation about the identity and intentions of the men. Local authorities have been notified, and an investigation is underway to determine the circumstances surrounding this unusual event.

Patricia Jeke, known for her prominent role in the ZANU PF social scene, has been a controversial figure in recent years. Her outspoken nature and active involvement in political and social matters have made her a target for various adversaries. However, the mysterious nature of this visit marks a new and concerning development.

The incident has sparked outrage among the community, with many expressing solidarity with Jeke and condemning the actions of the visitors. Social media platforms are abuzz with reactions, with supporters calling for swift justice and enhanced security measures to protect public figures.

Patricia Jeke (Jack) is an ex-friend of the notorious convict Felistas Murata (Mai Titi), who was illegally raided at midnight by a fake cop last Tuesday, in a revenge operation by Murata, who is trying to deflect attention from the exposure of her harassment of First Lady Auxilliah Mnangagwa.

On Mother’s Day in May, Murata coordinated online harassment and insults of the First Lady after posing as President Mnangagwa’s wife, much to the irritation of loyal ZANU PF members. Murata also subjected Mnangagwa to ridicule when she filmed him in an intoxicated state and drinking whisky.

Many ZANU PF supporters advised Murata to remove her violating content and to instruct her online followers not to insult the First Lady. Instead of heeding this advice, which urged her to publicly apologize, Murata has claimed she is the sole victim, not the First Lady. Her rage instead of remorse includes seeking to kidnap Jeke, and last month she leaked these plans to a UK-based undercover journalist during a five-day running conversation. (WATCH FOOTAGE OF THE LEAKS).

In an explosive development, Mai Titi was caught on camera making startling confessions to two undercover reporters from ZimEye in May. During the covert conversations, she revealed her wishes to hack police databases to delete incriminating records. The socialite’s brazen admission highlights her willingness to exploit digital vulnerabilities to manipulate the legal system.

Leaked Audio Reveals Dark Secrets.

Further incriminating evidence surfaced in leaked audio messages, where Mai Titi candidly confesses her involvement in the abduction of Patricia Jack, a ZANU PF activist. The recordings detail how she communicated with the undercover reporters before deploying a fake police officer to execute the kidnapping at midnight, without any legal warrant.

A transcript of the leaked audios with popular singer, Larrie T, is as follows:

Felistas Murata: I did not judge you, you said that these are stories on Facebook. It is my story. I don’t judge you. You are not important. You are not important.

Lazzie : My dear let me tell you something. You are now trying to be special. Don’t try to be too special you are not special. you are now trying to say we are nothing, I will talk. You’re sh**.

I am now finished with you right now. You tell me what to do. Who do you think you are? it doesn’t mean that when you have 1 million followers, you are now something above other people. You are now trying to think that because you went to see the President you are now someone extremely special. You think that you can now threaten other people. We have relatives who are way more senior over there. Some of them you may discover that they are even the ones who released you from prison. So when I tell you keep quiet. You are now relying on Chidawa. He will sink soon. Stop doing what you’re doing. I’m finished with you.

Felistas Murata: You are actually talking when you don’t even know what story it is. Why are you attacking Tafadzwa? You are attacking him on what grounds? I am the one who deployed him to go there, he is a private investigator he is at work. You cannot tell people what to do if you want us to go against each other you must tell me that Sister we are now enemies, when you see her insulting me, including inside things including things to do with my children, and those things to do with my husband, If you ever seen me insulting people? Why don’t you give her counselling? What is special about her getting arrested that you are now upset with Tafadzwa why he has done this? He is a licensed private investigator that is his job. I am the one who sent him myself. You yourself when you rough up with other people, Why do you enjoy me being insulted? How many things does she utter? How can you say Facebook things that involve my children being insulted how can you talk about things relating to cyber bullying in this way? Hey you! Behave well Lazzie. I don’t want to cross your path, I respect you in a big way. Leave us alone. We are doing what we are doing here you do what you are doing there. I am standing for Tafadzwa, because I am the one who sent him.

Lazzie: No you need to understand if you start saying that. Why am I marking her? Are you not trying to rule me now? How can you say that? How can you ask me why I am marking her when I write what I write on my page, I write what I write because it is my page we need to be fair we must not take advantage of each other like that if there are issues that you clash with Patricia, these are all your matters nothing to do with me about him. I discover that he is abusing other peoples rights in the night. I have to ask him

When you start saying that I now I wonder how on earth you say that because in God’s eyes I am not belittled.

Midnight Kidnapping Caught on Camera.

Meanwhile, the violent operation last Tuesday midnight, meticulously planned and executed, was captured live on camera. The footage shows the fake officer forcefully abducting Patricia Jack, raising concerns about the extent of Mai Titi’s influence and her ability to orchestrate such a daring act. The incident, occurring under the cover of darkness, underscores the audacity and recklessness of the operation.


Implications and Public Outcry.

The revelations have sparked outrage across Zimbabwe, with citizens demanding swift action against Mai Titi. The incident not only questions her moral compass but also highlights potential security lapses within the police force, allowing such breaches to occur. Calls for a thorough investigation and accountability are growing louder as the public grapples with the implications of these events.

Authorities Respond

In response to the breaking news, authorities have vowed to launch a comprehensive investigation into Mai Titi’s activities. Law enforcement agencies are under immense pressure to uncover the full extent of her involvement and the potential network behind these acts.

The development centres around concerns over how Mai Titi led her followers to insult and harassment First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa after violating President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s privacy while intoxicated on strong whisky and posing as his girlfriend on Mother’s Day.

Concerns are that Felistas Murata is treating the First Lady the same way she has a string of other married women for over 5 years to date.

The Following Is A Short History Of Mai Titi Between 2017 – and 2021.

  • 2017 Jan 01: Unpopular, 9,000 Followers On FB.
  • 2017 July 17: Diagnosed With Cancer
  • 2017 July 25 – Turns to Prophet Makandiwa for So Called Cancer Treatment.
  • 2017 July 25: I’ve Been Healed Of Cancer By Makandiwa.
  • 2017 July 28: I’m Not Lying Makandiwa Healed Me Of Cancer, I Will Show You My Cancer Diagnosis From Newlands Clinic.
  • 2017 August 3: Denies Prophet Makandiwa Bribed Her.
  • 2018 28 May: Accuses Husband Of HIV Infection, Cries On Facebook LIVE.
  • 2018 29 May: Cries On Facebook LIVE Saying A Harare Magistrate Certified A DNA Trace of HIV Iinfection To Her Ex Husband.
  • 2018 June : No Such Record Found At Harare Magistrates Court; no such incident ever happened.
  • 2018 June: Becomes Very Popular after The HIV Infection Allegation, And As A Result Facebook Numbers Rise Above 100,000.
  • 2019 Jan: Accuses a list of several women; uses unprintable words to bully the many women.
  • 2019 to 2020: Announces On FB Video That She’s Hired Assailants To Torture Several Zimbabweans She Doesn’t Agree With.
  • 2020: Jan – Films Herself Deploying Hitmen to Torture And Assault South Africa Based Male Comedians Sean DelRoy. VIDEO:
  • 2020: Oct – Hires Hitmen After A Malborough BusinessWoman, Kristen Smasher. VIDEO-
  • 2020: Nov – Arrested By Police. Sleeps In Cells. Case Continues At Court.
  • 2021: March – Publicly Boasts She’s Been Paid USD50,000 By Filmmaker And Flown To Tanzania On Business Class.
  • Hired by Filmmaker On Pro Bono Contractual Arrangement.
  • Secretly Ubers Herself To The Elderly Congolese Singer In Order To Force Him Into Bed.
  • Phones Male Producer Demanding He Brings Condoms To Her. Elderly Male Singer Refuses To Bed Her.

  • Announces and then quickly unleashes violence on a British female love rival who she feels might be blocking her from needing the elderly Congolese singer.
  • 2021: April 14 – Captured On Camera Violently Fighting A British Female Actor Over The Elderly Congolese Singer.
  • Tanzanian Police Launch Investigation.
  • 2021: May 18- Fired From Tanzanian Film Project.

Accuses Film Producer, BJB Of Being Poor And Using Women For Sex.

  • Accuses The Same Popular Congolese Singer Of Serious Sex Crimes.
  • Accuses Producer Of Not Paying Her And Feeding Her With Sadza And Beans Everyday.
  • Contradicts Herself By Announcing that BJB Film Company Never Paid Her A Penny, The Opposite Of What She Had Announced 4 Weeks Before.
  • Riles Zimbabweans To Support Her Saying She Was Used A Slave To Act Without Pay.
  • Continues To Accuse Film Company of Both Slave Labour And Sex Crimes.
  • Shoots A Live Video With A Colleague On The Project Asking Her To Confirm That Women Were Being Raped. Colleague Embarrasses Her Saying, Felistas Was Just Fighting To Bed The Male Elderly Congolese Singer, Nothing More. Felistas: “The sex that was happening in the house, what was I fighting for?” Colleague on phone: “Aah, you were arguing with Daisy, because of what happened to A* … everybody wanted to fu*k A

Very clear video footage shows the moments, Mai Titi threw punches at the so called love rival to the point of fil lighting equipment breaking as she charges towards her saying, “You have nothing!,” and

“Stop fucking with me…” VIDEO-


  • 2021 May 22: Cancer Diagnosis Still To Be Submitted 4 Years Running.
  • HIV Diagnosis Still To Be Submitted 3 Years Running.
  • 2021 Dec – She Drops Allegations Against BJB, The Tanzania Project’s Film Company.

Activists loyal to First Auxillia Mnangagwa are infuriated at how she imposed herself as the President’s girlfriend on Mother’s Day in May, and fears are that the way she has treated other married women is the way she may end up abusing the First Lady. Already scores of her supporters have followed her contemptuous posts against the President and wife, to announce various scoffs and insults against the First Lady (see pictures).

Most worrisome to security analysts has been the tenacity with which Felistas Murata has continued to abuse many citizens with little conscience, and a caller on a social media discussion alleged she has even killed people- AUDIO:

A large documentary is underway in which Felistas Murata speaks to two undercover reporters from ZimEye posing as police officers assisting her delete police cases, and other notorieties.