Another COS Scam: Lawrence Mudiwa Charamba Escapes With GBP62,000
7 June 2024
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New COS Scam Unfolds in Wake of Rumbidzai Madiri Scandal.

By A Correspondent | London, UK – June 7, 2024 | In the aftermath of the Rumbidzai Madiri scandal, another Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) scam has emerged, involving Zimbabwean national Mr. Lawrence Mudiwa Charamba, the operator of Luras Care Solution.

Mudiwa Charamba

In January 2024, a group of young individuals in the UK fell victim to a scam orchestrated by Charamba. They were deceived into transferring a total of £62,000, believing this payment would secure their Certificates of Sponsorship, facilitating their recruitment to the UK.

The funds were transferred in February 2024. However, shortly after receiving the payment, Charamba informed the victims that he could not fulfil his promises and agreed to issue refunds. The situation deteriorated when Charamba travelled to Zimbabwe for over six weeks, becoming unreachable and failing to process any refunds during that period.

Upon his return, the victims continued to face obstacles. Charamba offered a series of increasingly dubious excuses for the delay, claiming restrictions had been placed on his account, preventing him from making refunds. Despite multiple attempts to recover their money, the victims received inconsistent and deceptive responses, suggesting fraudulent intentions on Charamba’s part.

Efforts to contact both Lawrence Mudiwa Charamba and Luras Care Solution have so far been met with silence. The victims are left grappling with the loss of their substantial investment, with little hope for a swift resolution.

Loot… Lawrence Mudiwa Charamba

When contacted by ZimEye last week, Charamba promised via phone to make the payment within days. However, these promises have yet to yield any tangible results.

Investigations by ZimEye indicate a pattern of similar behaviour over the years, suggesting that more individuals may have been affected by Charamba’s schemes.


Latest details shown that Mr Charamba has has moved un undisclosed lumpsum to Rwanda for a tourism business. Details on the project have been leaked by family members. (In pictures).


The unfolding situation highlights the urgent need for vigilance and thorough vetting when engaging in international recruitment processes, particularly in light of recent high-profile scams.

For those who may have fallen victim to this or similar scams, it is advised to report the incident to local authorities and seek legal counsel to explore possible avenues for redress.