“Ngoro Yeminana” Singers Caught On Camera Backing Fraudster, Mai Titi
7 June 2024
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Outrage Over Paradoxical Support: Ngoro Yeminana Singers Back Convicted Fraudster


By Showbiz Reporter | In a display of hypocrisy, the Ngoro Yeminana Singers, known for their uplifting and spiritual music, were recently caught on camera lending their voices in support of convicted fraudster Felistas Murata, better known as Mai Titi. This shocking revelation comes at a time when Murata is under intense scrutiny for allegedly orchestrating the kidnapping of ZANU PF socialite Patricia Jack.

The Ngoro Yeminana Singers, who have built a reputation for their soulful performances and spiritual guidance, seem to have betrayed the very values they purportedly uphold. Their music, celebrated for providing solace and support to victims of various adversities, is now paradoxically being used to bolster the morale of an individual accused of heinous crimes.

Mai Titi’s involvement in criminal activities is not new to the public. Convicted of fraud, her reputation has been further tarnished by allegations of orchestrating abductions, with Patricia Jack being her latest alleged victim. The fact that the Ngoro Yeminana Singers would align themselves with such a figure is a grievous affront to their fans and followers who look up to them for moral and spiritual guidance.

The choir’s support for Mai Titi starkly contrasts with their proclaimed mission of spreading hope and compassion through their music. This incident raises critical questions about their integrity and commitment to the principles they sing about. How can a group dedicated to uplifting victims of injustice and hardship turn a blind eye to the suffering inflicted by the very person they are now supporting?

By backing Mai Titi, the Ngoro Yeminana Singers are not just betraying their fans but also undermining the plight of victims of similar crimes. It’s a slap in the face to those who have looked to their music for comfort and a sense of justice. This action suggests a disturbing disconnect between their public persona and private actions, casting a dark shadow over their credibility and the authenticity of their spiritual message.

Supporting a figure like Mai Titi, especially in her darkest hours, sends a dangerous message. It implies a tacit approval of her actions, including the alleged kidnappings. This not only emboldens Mai Titi but also undermines the efforts of law enforcement and the judicial system in holding her accountable for her crimes. The Ngoro Yeminana Singers, by choosing to stand by a convicted criminal, are inadvertently strengthening the hands of a kidnapper, a move that can have dire consequences for justice and societal morals.