Malema Rejects ANC’s Govt Proposal with DA
8 June 2024
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EFF Rejects Government of National Unity Proposal Involving DA

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, has adamantly stated that his party categorically rejects any “Government of National Unity” proposal if it includes the Democratic Alliance (DA). In a recent statement, Shivambu emphasized the EFF’s stance, declaring that they refuse to be part of a government that includes representatives of the “white colonial apartheid system.”

Julius Malema

“We do not want to form any part of a government with any representative of the white colonial apartheid system,” Shivambu affirmed in a video statement.

Furthermore, in a separate communication on Twitter, the EFF echoed Shivambu’s sentiments, suggesting that the formation of the MK Party was a strategic move aimed at dividing the votes of the African National Congress (ANC) and the EFF. The tweet posited that this division was orchestrated to hinder the EFF’s influence and elevate the DA, positioning it as a primary beneficiary of the divide.

“We think the formation of MK Party was to divide the votes of the ANC and the @EFFSouthAfrica, why? BECAUSE the EFF was a challenge/threat to the DA, and it has actually succeeded and the EFF is in fourth place, this was the plan of the imperialists and the reasons are there,” the tweet read.

The EFF’s stance underscores a deep-rooted distrust of alliances with parties perceived to be aligned with the legacy of apartheid. This rejection not only reflects the party’s commitment to its ideological principles but also highlights the complex dynamics shaping South Africa’s political landscape.

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