‘Heaven Visiting Madungwe Should Get A Job As A Gardener’
10 June 2024
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By A Correspondent| Controversial Zimbabwean woman based in Australia, Susan Mutami has reacted to a video of heavenly army commander Talent Madungwe’s video where he was begging for birthday gifts from citizens including President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Posting on Twitter, Mutami said Madungwe should get a job as a gardener so that he can work and feed his family.

Mutami mocked Madungwe saying giving him capital to start a business will not work as he has a problem of sneaking to heaven, in the process leaving the business unattended.

“Good morning Zimbabweans, This is a serious request, pane here anogona kupa Prophet Madungwe basa even remugarden vashande vachengete mhuri yavo. We want to teach him how to be a proper man and not to live on handouts. I would have wanted us to help him start a project but the problem is vanombopota vachienda kudenga, a business venture requires u to be on the ground 24/7,” said Mutami.

Madungwe was recently on the verge of eviction for failing to settle a US$800 rent. He was only rescued by a local fashion store Jan Jam who gave him part of the rental fees.